3 tips for tying your living room together

3 tips for tying your living room together

Have you ever designed or decorated a room and felt satisfied with the effort? If so, you likely know that lingering feeling that can sometimes present itself – the small impression that the space isn’t quite “complete”. In some cases, this can resolve itself without change, but if not, it’s worth considering exactly what may be missing to help take your design to the next level.

This might not be anything too significant or intensive, and certainly not expensive to resolve. It may just be that you hope to wall mount your television instead of using the television mount, or perhaps you think your curtains could stand to look a little lighter now that it’s summertime. 

You’d be surprised to note just how effective a few methods of “tying the room together” can actually be in satiating this feeling. What does that mean? Well, tying a room together is when you furnish a space with small implements that help the design remain cohesive and together. It may be as simple as an ornament, a fireplace, or the ceiling fan you use to keep the space cool.

In this post, we’ll discuss three tips for tying your living room together:

Sofa Design & Comfort

No living room is complete without a perfect place to sit, but what are you looking for when you buy sofas online? Consider how many seats you require, if you need any other features like a pull-out bed for guests, consider the quality and tone of the fabrics and cushions, and the shape, as an I or L shape can benefit you depending on the size of the room and its individual dimensions. Note that you can always chop the seating arrangements between two or more sofas and armchairs too.

Rugs & Floor Decorations

Rugs and floor decorations may be simple, but they can certainly help a space with an average amount of open floor space feel more “included” into the overall design of the room. A set of beautiful rugs, or perhaps one large rug, can help a room gain a new aesthetic imprint while also remaining even more comfortable. This can be a fantastic idea if your living room floor isn’t carpeted too, as a little relaxation and softness goes a long way.

A Gorgeous Focal Point Or Two

It’s always important to think about the focal point of a room and how that influences the overall design of the space. Of course, for many, the television space is where they watch entertainment, play video games, and even project remote work on-screen. The truth is that while this is good, you’re allowed more than one focal point, too. A coffee table that helps bring together the sofas for social events can be a good example, as can a fantastic renovated fireplace or media wall. If you have bay windows, you may set up a small, beautiful reading corner too. In the long run, measures like this can make a profound different to the cohesiveness of your space.

With this advice, we just know you’re about to design the coolest living room possible.


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