Capturing our moments – November

Capturing our moments – November

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the name of this monthly roundup very slightly to ‘Capturing our moments’ instead of ‘Capturing the special moments’. I know it’s a very slight change and that’s because I want these posts to capture all the moments from our month. There may not be anything particularly special about them, in fact they could be quite ordinary and that’s fine. It’s these moments that I want to capture, so we don’t forget about the little things.

October was pretty hectic for us, so I was quite looking forward to November being calmer. It turned out that, although it wasn’t nearly as busy as October, we still had plenty on to keep us amused.

Early in the month I went out with a friend who I used to work with. We tend to meet up a couple of times a year. We’ve both got children so we always use our get together’s as a chance to get dressed up, drink cocktails and do a bit of dancing. This night out was no except, although I must say my hangovers seem to get worse as I get older!

I finally got round to having my hair done. It had been quite a while and I had lots of grey showing, so I decided to go lighter in an attempt to disguise the grey better. I really like it.

During November, we had Oscar’s Parent’s Evening at his school. Oscar isn’t the most academic child. He is very eager to learn but struggles a little with his reading and writing, so I was keen to find out what his teacher had to say. She was really lovely and basically reassured us that he’s not the only one and that it’s very normal at this age. She also said how lovely Oscar is and what great manners he has! We were both very proud of our little man.

November is the month of my lovely Mum’s Birthday, which fell on a Saturday. We went to my Parent’s house for a special Birthday lunch and then Simon and I went out with them in the evening for cocktails and a meal, which was lovely.

A few days after her birthday, my Mum and I went on a spa day, which was a lovely relaxing treat. You can read all about our day here.

During the month this arrived!

I’d ordered it from a company called Craftly after seeing it on Facebook. Every evening Santa’s elves come through the elf door and put a letter in the post box to each child, from Santa. It’s really lovely and the children get so excited every morning. It’s also helped to improve their behaviour as they have to follow the goals set by Santa!

Oscar lost his first tooth, which he was very excited about. He had to have a tooth taken out earlier in the year due to an infection, but this was the first time one had come out on its own.

Towards the end of the month, Oscar took one of his friends to see Nottm Forest, his favourite football team, which he was very excited about. They had a great time.

So all in all, still a pretty busy month but thankfully a little quieter than October.

I’m pretty certain December will be manic as always!

J xx


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  1. Katy F
    7th December 2015 / 7:32 pm

    Ordinary moments are often the ones we need to treasure so it is a great way to record them. I really need to get my hair done but I have a feeling it may have to wait until the new year! x

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