Caputuring the special moments – October

Caputuring the special moments – October
October has been a crazy month for us, here’s what we’ve been up to:
I got the ‘You’re In’ magazine for the London Marathon, which has coincided with a foot injury from the recent half marathon I did (it’s finally starting to feel better!). So I’ve wanted to exercise but had to take it is easy on the running front. Instead I’ve been doing some spinning and swimming.

At the beginning of the month we attended the gala dinner for our friends charity, Forever Stars. Their little girl, Emily, was born sleeping in Dec 2013 and ever since they’ve been raising money for a breavement suite at our local hospital. They’ve achieved their target and this event was the final one that they are organising so it was celebrations all round!

One of my best friends got married at the end of the month, so a couple of weeks before we hit the town for her hen do celebrations, which was good fun.

My brother got married and the boys were page boys and Heidi was a bridesmaid. My brother and I aren’t particularly close but it was a good day and the kids loved it!

We bought a new bed! Since having our extension last year, we’ve been planning to re-decorate our bedroom and get a new bed. We’ve always had a double bed which isn’t ideal when you’ve got three little munchkins trying to clamber in in the morning! We’ve splurged a bit of a super duper bed, which is super comfy. It’s arriving tomorrow so I’m very excited and it’s also made us decorate our bedroom, which I’m loving! I’ll do a bedroom makeover post soon! 

We had a few days of illness with the twins which was horrid and exhausting. Heidi got croup, which was pretty scary as the horrible barking sound makes it sound worse then it probably. The following night we were up with Henry being sick, which we think was caused by something he’d eaten. We had a few days of snuggles on the sofa. Although we were shattered I have to admit I did enjoy the extra cuddles! 

A week later one of my best friends got married (the friend who had the hen do earlier in the month). It was a lovely small ceremony and she’d asked me to do a reading which I was honoured to do. The food was amazing too!
The same weekend we also went to pick our own pumpkin which was lovely! 

During the month Oscar had won a competition to attend a signing session with our local football team, Forest. Oscar and Simon have got season tickets so regularly go to home matches. It was lovely to be able to go with Oscar and share this special experience with him. He loved meeting all the players and was super polite. We also got a pic with the European Cup (not quite sure of the specifics!).

Of course in October we also had half term and halloween. Half term was a bit of a juggling act with work. We had a good day on the Friday, which is my usual day off. We made halloween cupcakes which amused everyone for a while! 
Halloween was on a Sat and it was lovely and sunny so after carving up our pumpkins in the morning we went for a lovely walk in the afternoon. We had been invited to our friends for a Halloween party, so the kids all got dressed up, we did a bit of trick or treating before going back to our friends house. The boys loved it but Heidi was really scared – bless her.

After a few months of not being able to shift any weight, I’ve finally managed to lose 3lbs! I’ve been trying to follow the Slimming World plan and I’m aiming to lose another 4lbs before Christmas!
All in all a very busy month! I’m hoping for a quieter month in November!
J x

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