Easy guide to buying boys swimwear

Easy guide to buying boys swimwear

Excitement is starting to build in our house, as we are off on holiday for two weeks at Easter! We’re going on a caribbean cruise and we can’t wait. Now the shops are starting to stock their new collections, I’ve started to think about any bits we need to buy, particularly for the kids. On holiday we’ll no doubt be spending lots of time on the beach and swimming in the pools on the ship, so it’s important to choose the right swimwear for everyone – the boys are particularly in need of some new swimwear. Although boys are not much choosy when it comes to what they wear on the beach, it will be better to go for something which keeps them happy and comfortable. So shared below are a few helpful tips for choosing the best boys swimwear.

First and foremost, it is the fit of the swimwear that you should be paying attention to. A well fitted swimwear lets the wearer move around conveniently, without restricting his movements. It should not be too tight, as wearing such a swimwear can lead to inconvenience, as well as other health problems. Similarly, a loose swimwear can make it difficult to play or swim easily. Therefore, the swim suit should fit your young one properly, to let him enjoy his time at the beach.

Another factor worth keeping in mind, while checking the fit of the swimwear, is how it fits around the waist. While it should be tight enough to keep the lower in place, avoid buying anything too snug, as they can easily get uncomfortable. Having elastic and drawstring at the waist can prove to be better, in terms of fit. Moreover, it can make it easy for the little ones to get in and out of the swimwear with ease.

boys_ikat_striped_rash_vest_and_swim_short-009Next is the style of the swimwear, which should be chosen with care as it should suit the one who is going to wear it. You can buy boys swimwear in a large variety of styles these days, making it easier for you to select the most suitable one. From long to short, the length of the sleeves can vary depending upon the level of protection you require from the sun. Similarly, the length of the shorts can also be chosen as per the convenience of the wearer.

For additional protection from the sun rays while on the beach, it is recommended to go for swimwear, which offers ultraviolet protection. A wide range of such swimsuits is being offered these days, considering the kind of health issues one can suffer from due to direct exposure to the sun rays. Sun protection lotions and creams seldom offer the level of protection required, as their effect does not last for long and you have to reapply them after short intervals. So, wearing these swimsuits is recommended to keep the kids safe.

Lastly, it is the design or pattern of the swimsuit that you need to choose. You can go for the ones in bright colours as they look really nice when worn on a beach on a sunny day. Alternatively, patterns are also a good option for boys swimwear and you can choose from an exclusive range of floral or geometric prints. Swimsuits with cartoon characters printed on them also make a popular choice among boys and can help to get them into a playful mood; thus making their outings a lot more fun.

Here’s a couple of options that I particularly like:



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