Feeling a bit grey?

Feeling a bit grey?

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Anyone who is anyone nowadays is turning to grey to get their homes looking the way they want. Pinterest is full of grey-look living rooms, and home interior shops across the country now stock grey decor galore. We can’t get enough, and, for the most part, it’s fair to say that grey does look amazing. In fact, we have used in lots in our house.

The trouble is that grey can, of course, look a little…well, grey. If you’d told us this trend was going to take over in the past, we would’ve all assumed it would be a bit depressing. And, when not done right, it can be. But, it is entirely possible to incorporate grey without making everything glum. All you need to do is bear in mind that following ways to keep grey exciting.

Choose warm grey tones

Tester pots of paint should always be a priority when decorating. There’s no telling how a colour is going to look until you see a dry sample. With grey, though, sample paint pots become even more critical. That’s because there are, believe it or not, warm and cool tones of grey. Painting with the latter is never going to keep your home cosy. But, if you keep doing samples until you find a warmer option, you stand a better chance at keeping your rooms cheery. Before anything, then, stock up on a few different options. As soon as you have those samples on your walls, you’ll be able to see which is warmest. In general, darker greys with undertones of other colours are the best bet here.

Go grey everywhere but your walls

Note, too, that there’s no rule saying you need to paint your walls grey. Often, turning to grey features elsewhere can help you achieve this look. A grey sofa and curtain set would look amazing contrasted with white walls. Equally, a grey wood floor like those in the Ted Todd Classic collection offered by Wood Floor Surbiton could look beautiful paired with a rug or brighter walls. These small additions ensure grey doesn’t take over to the extent of being depressing. Yet, they still provide enough pops of grey to see you bang on trend and making the most of this stunning style choice.

Pair grey with bright colours

Lastly, remember that grey decor works best when paired with bright colours. It could be, for instance, that you add some bright accessories to make everything cosier. Or, you may choose to use a grey feature wall and pair it with lighter paint options. Either way, contrasting grey with bright splashes of colour is vital for making this style work. Orange and grey have become popular choices, as have grey and pink. Either way; colour is by far your best chance at ensuring all that grey doesn’t start looking gloomy.

If you take care with tips like these, there’s no reason why grey can’t complete each of your rooms. It’s gaining popularity for a reason, after all. Get it right, and grey decor really can look amazing.


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