We’ve been on our summer holidays for the last couple of weeks so it’s been pretty quiet on here.We had a lovely time, but I’ll tell you more about that later…

You may have read on the blog that I’ve got a new job, well this week is the final week in my current role, so there’s been lots of handing over and saying goodbye.

I really hate goodbyes. I work with some great people and the firm I work for is brilliant, so leaving is hard. However, I’ve not been motivated and inspired by my role for about a year now, so I although know it’s time for a change, it’s just easier said than done! You never know if you’ve made the right decision until it’s too late…

Tomorrow is my final day so me and my work friends are going out for a few drinks and a meal. I just hope I don’t get too emotional..!

I start my new job on Monday, so I’ll update you all next week with who it’s going!

J xx


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