It's been a while…

It's been a while…

Well as the title says, it’s been a while!

H & H are now 19 weeks and growing so fast (Henry is now 13lb 8oz and Heidi 13lb 5oz), Henry can now roll and they are finally sleeping better! Heidi goes from 7pm ish to 7am ish. Henry is still a little hit and miss, we always feed him at 10pm, sometimes he wakes once, but if we’re lucky he’ll go till 6/7ish! Getting more sleep makes a huge difference!

Life as a mum of 3 is certainly hectic, but we’ve all adjusted well. Oscar loves his two siblings and H & H have recently started interacted, which is lovely to watch.

I aim to post more often as the weeks are flying by! Keep thinking of things I should blog about, so thought I should make a list below and hopefully this will prompt me to actually do it!

Things that make life easier

Quick beauty tips/recommendations

Weaning (when the time comes)

Travelling with twins or more – we have our first abroad hol coming up in July

The comments I hear so often and how I’d love to respond

I’ve added a recent pic of H & H sleeping in their cot bed together

J x


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