It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – tips for a stress free Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – tips for a stress free Christmas

Personally I find Christmas quite stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas Day and the excitement from the kids. It’s the run up that gets me stressed. Life’s already pretty frantic, but throw in present buying, wrapping, card writing and distributing, baking and house decorating and I’m literally on the edge!

This year I’ve decided to get organised. Hopefully allowing me to actually enjoy the festivities rather than becoming a stressed crazy lady. Below I’ve listed my new rules that I am forcing myself to follow in the lead up to Christmas. I haven’t followed them before, so I can’t guarantee a stress-free Christmas, but surely it’s worth a try..?
  • Ensure all presents are purchased (or at least ordered) before the end of November
  • Ensure all presents are wrapped by the first week of December
  • Ensure all cards are written and distributed by the first week of Dec
  • Get the tree and decorate the house the first weekend of December
  • Check dates for school nativities and parties and ensure they are in your diary and time booked off work if needed – reading the school newsletter the night before and realising it’s tomorrow and so is that mega important client meeting is not good!
  • If hosting Christmas dinner (which I am for the first year ever) have a few practice runs and ask guests to bring a dish or course
  • Finish work a few days before Christmas to ensure there is time for any last minute prep or baking
  • Book all beauty/hair appointments in Nov so your not fighting to get in at the last minute! 
  • Buy any party outfits, shoes, bags well in advance
  • Stock up on wine – super important because if all the above fail, simply grab a bottle of wine and remember it’s only a couple of days!!

I’ll keep you updated on my quest for a stress free Christmas. Please feel free to share your tips below.

J x

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