London Marathon training begins!

London Marathon training begins!

As you might be aware, in April I will be running the London Marathon – eeekkk!

It’s my first marathon ever, so I’m feeling slightly (ok, very) nervous. Me being me, I need to follow a strict training programme so that I know in my mind that I will be able to do it. I’ve decided to go with the beginners plan recommended by the London Marathon organisers and featured in my ‘You’re In’ magazine.I’ve chosen this plan as it’s realistic, with three runs per week and looks achievable.
Tonight I completed my first proper training run – a very manageable 30 mins. However, it was hard despite me already regularly running this distance (I even ran 30 mins twice whilst we were on holiday between Christmas and New Year!). I’ve put 10lbs on over Christmas and I could certainly feel it. I also gave my new compression socks their first outing and they made my legs feel heavy and like I had cramp! Not a great start…
So, what’s my plan..? 
Well, I’m going to lose the weight for a start! Since Monday I’ve been having two Slender Blend shakes a day and a healthy meal in the evening. I’m planning on doing this for the next week or so to kick start my weight loss, before following my usual Slimming World plan. The Slender Blend shakes are very tasty. I make them with almond milk and they really do keep me full until dinner time. Once I’ve lost my weight I’m planning on having a shake after my longer runs, which will be at weekends. I’m hoping it will help my muscles recover and avoid any unwanted injuries.
I’m not going to bother with the compression socks. I might try them again when I start doing longer runs or maybe wear them post-run to help ease any soreness in my legs.
I need to ensure I do my the exercises my physio gave me to strengthen my foot. With going on holiday I haven’t been doing them daily as instructed and I can certainly tell.
I’m also going to try and drink more water during the day. I think the heavy leg feeling I get when I run at night is possibly due to not being hydrated enough.
My next run is on Thursday, another 30 minute one and then a longer 5 miles at the weekend.
I’ll let you know how I get on.
J x

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