London Marathon training week 2 – weightloss, cross-training and snow!

London Marathon training week 2 – weightloss, cross-training and snow!

Despite a bit of a rubbish start (which you can read about here), week 1 of training was actually pretty uneventful. I did another 3 miles on the Thursday, followed by my long run of 5 miles on the Sunday. My Mum sat with the kids so Simon came with me. I’d forgotten just how nice it is to run with someone else. I love running with Simon, he matches his pace to mine and it allows us the chance to have a bit of quality time together.

I’ve just completed week 2 today, which has also gone pretty well.

Week 2 has consisted of:

5 miles on Monday, which in hindsight, was probably too soon after my last run as my legs were a little heavy. Although I was going away with work on Tuesday, so I needed to get my run in.

4 miles on Thursday, which was a cold one and one I just wanted to get done, so that I could get home to the warm and my dinner!

And then just over 6 miles today (Sunday). Simon and I had planned to run together today, but it snowed during the night, so I ran on the treadmill at the gym to avoid any slips (I’m avoiding anything that carries the slightest risk of injury). I hate treadmill running – it’s so boring. It actually felt harder than running outdoors, although I’m pretty sure it’s easier!

I’ve also made an effort to include some cross-training in this week. I did 30 minutes of Pilates on Wednesday and 30 minutes with my kettle bell on Friday, which made me ache so much the following day – clearly doing some good then! Both times I used workout videos on You Tube, both of which were pretty good. If you don’t have much time to fit exercise in, I’d definitely recommend taking a look.

I lost 4lbs over the last couple of weeks, which is great but I’m still 6lb heavier then before Christmas. Ideally I’d like to lose 1st 2lb before the marathon. I’m hoping that shedding some weight will make it easier to get through those 26.2 miles.

Overall all is going pretty well. There’s 14 weeks left to go, and I’m very aware that not every week will go as smoothly as the past two, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. One way I’m trying to keep motivated is to put £1 in a jar every time I complete a run. Once my training is over I’m going to treat myself. Just need to think about what I’m going to get…

I also took some photo’s of myself today. I only had my sports bra and running tights on and I wasn’t particularly happy with the results. I’m planning to do the same just before the marathon and I’m hoping to see a big difference! I might share this once I get some comparison photo’s that I’m happy with. In the meantime I’ll use them to keep me going!

J x


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