After hurting my foot doing my 18 mile run a few weeks back, I’ve been easing off slightly to try and help it repair. Much of last week was spent with me stressing that it could be a stress fracture and that it wouldn’t heal on time. This irrational worry was only fueled by spending far too much time on Google! Apparently this is very normal as we get closer to the end and is infact termed ‘maranoia’! I definitely have it!

After taking a week off, the plan was to do a decent run on Sunday. My training plan said 20 miles, but I knew that was highly unlikely and probably not sensible, so I went just hoping to get a few under my belt. I was so relived that the first 8 miles were fine – I was pain free!!! However, after a lovely 8 miles, the familiar niggle was back and I know there would be no way I’d make 20 miles. I decided to be realistic and go for 11, which I did and I was okay.

Trying out my kit on my last long run!

It’s now time to taper – hurrah!

Sunday afternoon, my foot wasn’t too bad, so I know I made the right decision. On Monday though it hurt quite a lot when I woke up, but it thankfully eased during the day. Today it feels fine, so fingers crossed that with no more long runs planned (9 miles is the longest until the big day), all will be well – phew!

I am starting to worry about other things though. It’s now 19 days until the big day and is all I seem to be able to think about is the marathon. I’m really excited and can’t wait for the day. However, I just want to skip the next couple of weeks and avoid any risk of illness, tripping or breaking my leg walking down the stars (I’m clear thinking rationally at the moment!!). To try and gain some element of control I’m trying to focus on eating and sleeping well to give myself a good chance of fighting off any bugs lingering around (with 3 children, there’s normally lots!) and hopefully I’ll lose a couple of lbs too! I’m also reading the ‘Chimp Paradox’, which focuses on mind management and shutting up the irrational chimp!

19 days and counting…

J xx


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