Marathon training week 3 – all the threes!

Marathon training week 3 – all the threes!

I’ve now completed week 3, which I’m pleased to report wasn’t as cold and wintery as I’d expected.

This week has been pretty uneventful, in terms of training.

On Tuesday I did 4 miles.

On Wednesday I did 30 minutes of kettlebells and didn’t ache at all the next day, with is in stark contrast to last week where I was in agony.

On Thursday I ran 5 miles with Simon.

On Sunday I ran 7 miles.

So, that’s £3 more in my marathon jar. I’ve also lost 3lb in weight, great timing with it being week 3! 

One main development from this week is that Simon has also managed to get a place, which is brilliant news as we can run it together, which will be amazing!

I’m just hoping that the next few weeks go as smoothly as the last few, although Simon has had a spot of man flu this weekend, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to avoid it. Also, following yesterday’s 7 miles, my keen is feeling a bit sore. I’m hoping a couple of days rest will help it to recover before I head out again.

Fingers crossed for week 4!

J xx


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