My captured moment

My captured moment

There’s been so many special moments to choose from this week as all the children have been involved in nativity plays, which I’ll share photo’s from in a separate post. However, the moment I’ve chosen is the twin’s first night in big boy/girl beds.

We’ve been putting off changing their cotbeds from cots to beds for a while. This was mainly due to worrying about the chaos it might cause at bedtime, but it was probably also a little bit of me not wanting to admit that they are no longer babies and that’s it for us – no more cots in our house! I’m completely fine with this, we only ever planned to have two children, although life never works out the way you plan. It’s still a little bit sad when you realise that the baby days are over.

So, moving on from the sentimental element, how has the transition been..?

Well it’s actually been pretty easy going. In fact, if I’d known just how easy we probably wouldn’t done it a few months ago.

The first couple of nights, we’d go to bed and find Henry asleep on the floor, but that seems to have stopped now. They are both are so proud of their new big boy/girl beds.

Here are the photo’s we took on the first night to capture the moment.

Sleep tight my little babies!

J xx

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  1. Heledd in Lavender
    15th December 2015 / 9:20 pm

    How funny you've covered this moments occasion this week, because our little girls also went into their new beds this week. We got them bunk beds – so Lili is now on the top and Poppy is (at last) out of hereto bed and in a big girl bed too. These pictures are so sweet and they both look so happy! Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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