Soothing eczema with a little help from The Green People

Soothing eczema with a little help from The Green People

The twins have mild eczema and as a result I’m always on the hunt for bath products and creams that can help relieve it.

Henry has it worse than Heidi. It tends to appear on his chest and he often has quite bad scratch marks, in the areas where he’s worst affected. Heidi’s tends to be around her armpits, behind her knees and on her face.

I recently came across The Green People who produce a range of lovely organic products, which includes a range for babies and kids. We were recently sent the baby wash & shampoo and the mum & baby rescue balm.

The products came in lovely packaging, which is always nice to receive – it felt like a real treat!

The baby wash & shampoo is an all in one product, which is a real bonus. I hate having to buy multiple products so having one that I can use as bubble bath, body wash and shampoo is a real bonus. It’s really made a difference to the twin’s skin too.

The mum & baby rescue balm is a really rich and moisturising product, which has also really made a difference. It appears to soothe the skin and has cleared both the twin’s eczema completely. I’ve also been using it on my hands and elbows and it has made a real difference to my skin too. Again, I love that it has so many uses, which makes it really good value for money. This product is certainly a must have and one that I will make sure we always have in stock.

I’ve been looking at their other products too and the skincare range looks lovely – I’m tempted to order a few little treats for myself! If you fancy taking a peek visit their website:

Thanks to The Green People for sending me the products we’ve been using. They will definitely be part of our bathroom shelf for a while to come!

J xx


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