Space invaders: five tips for making your home feel bigger

Space invaders: five tips for making your home feel bigger

Do you dream of a bigger home? You’re not alone. Sadly, the harsh reality of high property prices and tight lenders means that most families have to settle for smaller homes than they’d like. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you unlock the full potential of any space that you do possess.

There are a number of pitfalls that can prevent you from achieving this goal. Here are five issues that are most likely to disrupt your home environment. And how to beat them.

#1. Bulky Furniture

The battle for floor space should play a central role in your home design. Losing display cabinets and TV stands for shelving and wall mounts will serve you well. Meanwhile, triple bunk beds can rescue the situation when siblings need to share a bedroom. Aside from clearing more space to enjoy the home, it’ll make the cleaning routines far simpler to master. Finally, retractable furniture can have a positive impact when trying to keep rooms uncluttered. They can be extended when required.

#2. Poor Colour Schemes

Colour schemes are among the first things that you’ll notice about any room. A dark, downbeat, and depressing selection can seriously harm the vibes. Aside from draining the positive energy, it makes everything seem overly compact. A few coats of paint can soon transform any room. It’ll look fresher, brighter, and more prominent while the job can be completed in a single day. When supported by the right accessories, such as the use of mirrors to reflect natural light, the home will feel brand new.

#3. No Designated Organisation

Every room needs a purpose. This sentiment is arguably more accurate than ever before due to the impacts of COVID-19. When working from home, you need some space to yourself for virtual meetings and completing daily assignments. The garage, spare bedroom, or conservatory are all good candidates. On a similar note, you should have clearly defined spaces for creative tasks and crafts. Many of the spaces will serve many purposes, but the guidance should serve you very well.

#4. HoardingĀ 

Most families are guilty of a little hoarding. It can be hard to let go of items, but removing unwanted items will claw back valuable space. In many cases, you can sell products to improve your cash flow too. The six-month rule is a particularly effective solution. It encourages you to determine which items actually add value to your life. When you have a big loft, the pressure is perhaps a little smaller. Nonetheless, you should still want to regain control of your future in this positive manner.

#5. Poor Floor Plans

The configuration of the home’s interior can have a telling influence on how well the space is used. So, if you’re struggling to make the space work, there are several ways to change it. Removing an internal wall to create an open space is particularly useful. Alternatively, building a garden patio can add a new dimension to the home. Of course, home extensions will add to the physical dimensions of the property. However, if you can achieve the same rewards without resorting to this task, you should do it.

Whatever you do, an organised home that feels bigger will bolster your quality fo life. Enjoy.



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