5 ways to create a permanent home office

5 ways to create a permanent home office

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t showing signs of going away any time soon, even with vaccines, and more people are now working from home instead of commuting to a permanent place of employment each day. As you can imagine, many people work from their living rooms.

But, if you’re going to work from home more permanently, you need to create a dedicated office space within your abode. If you’re unsure of the best way to do that, take a look at these ideas and determine which one would best suit your needs:

1. Spare Bedroom

Perhaps one of the most common and easiest ways to create a home office is by converting a spare bedroom. If you’ve got an empty bedroom that currently serves as nothing more than a storage area, you should use it as your home-based office.

You’ve already got lighting, heating, electrical sockets and Wi-Fi internet available in the bedroom. All you need to do is purchase some furniture like an office chair and desk, and you’re ready to go!

2. Loft Conversion

If you don’t have a bedroom available as your home-office base, but you’ve got a loft or attic sitting there feeling unloved, you should consider a loft conversion. Many people convert their lofts into bedrooms, but you can transform yours into an office workspace.

Construction professionals should carry out loft conversions as there is a lot of planning involved, and each conversion must pass all building safety inspections. A loft conversion isn’t as simple as putting down some floorboards and hoping for the best!

3. Garden Office

Some people prefer to have a home office workspace that isn’t quite in their houses but very near them. If that’s of interest to you, the perfect way to achieve that objective is by having a garden office fitted.

Garden offices are essentially habitable sheds constructed using the best materials, and they have excellent insulation properties. Furthermore, garden offices allow for connection to mains electricity supplies.

4. Two-Storey Garage

What happens if you like the idea of working from a base external to your home, but you don’t have enough space in your garden for a garden office? If you’ve got room for an external garage, two storey oak garages could be a viable option for you.

Such garages allow you to park your vehicles out of sight, plus there’s also a storey above it that you can use as a habitable space, such as for a home-office workspace.

5. Caravan

One final point to consider is using a caravan as a home-based office. Why a caravan, you might ask yourself?

Firstly, small caravans are cheap to buy and convert into an office. Secondly, you could always sell your caravan when you no longer need to work from home. Lastly, small caravans are easy to manoeuvre on an average-sized driveway.

You might think that a caravan is an odd choice. However, they offer people working from home a dedicated space that’s outside of their homes.


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