A few days in hospital

So my last post talked about how much I was struggling with the flu. Well the day after I wrote that post I ended up pulling a rib muscle with all the coughing, the pain was agony. Tried to rest but the day after started coughing again and it got worse. Was literally screaming and crying in agony. Simon panicked and rang NHS direct who told us to go straight to hospital so we had a mad dash to A&E!

Got transferred to labour suite where they checked babies, took blood and gave me painkillers and antibiotics. Turns out having a cough when pregnant can turn quite serious. They also gave me a chest x ray and decided I should be admitted to the ward. Ended up staying in a couple of nights. A good job really as the painkillers and antibiotics made me all drowsy and woozy so just wanted to sleep all the time. Finally got discharged with orders to rest.

After a couple of days I’m finally starting to feel human again! My ribs are easing slightly and I’m now just on paracetamol. Finish my antibiotics in a few days too, so hopefully will be over the worst soon. Which is just in time as I’m being induced next Friday (1 Feb)! So relieved that the end is in sight, feeling heavy and like an old woman, well I am carrying approx 11lb of baby!!

J x


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