35 weeks and struggling with the flu

It’s been far too long since I last posted, I’m now 35 weeks. I think the main reason for lack of posts is that it has been a pretty straightforward pregnancy so far, no major aches, pains or complications.

I’ve been having four weekly scans and everything is going well 🙂

I have a few bump pics, which I’ll try and add on when I get a bit of time.

So, I’ve now finished work (I finished at 30 weeks – was v ready!), this week I’ve been full of flu so it’s been really tough, especially with having to look after Oscar too (thank god for kids tv) and my mum has also had the same thing. It seems to be taking ages to shift and I have the worst cough ever. I’m regretting not having the flu vaccine that the nurses and midwife kept banging on about! Being ill in late pregnancy is not good! Hoping it clears before the babies arrive, giving birth in my current state would be hard.

As for when to expect the babies, I have what is hopefully my final scan next Friday and I’m hoping the give me an induction or section date (depending on position) for the week after when I’ll be 37 and 1/2 weeks. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

J x


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