Does your garage need a makeover?

Does your garage need a makeover?

A garage that isn’t cared for can quickly become messy and dilapidated. If this is the case with your garage, consider whether it’s time to give this space a makeover. Below are five tips for refurbishing your garage.

Organise your stuff

Garages can sometimes become dumping grounds for clutter. Now could be the time to clear out the stuff you don’t need and organise this space so that you can use it more productively. Using shelves, tubs and pegboards, you could consider turning it into an organised space for tools and other odd bits and bobs. If you can’t store your vehicle inside, consider whether you may be able to clear enough space to do so. 

Refinish the floor

Garage flooring that has been neglected can often end up chipped and stained. Consider whether your garage floor could benefit from being refinished (some floors in old garages may not even be finished at all, allowing concrete to be directly exposed to damage – these are definitely worth sealing up). Companies like Fusion Coatings specialise in garage flooring and could be worth hiring. Another option could be to lay down rubber mats to cover up the existing flooring. 

Repair/replace the door

If you haven’t used your garage door in a while, it could be worth checking to see if it still works. If it’s broken, consider getting it repaired. Alternatively, now could be the time to replace it with something more high-tech. If you’ve got a tilt-up canopy door, consider whether it could be worth switching to an electric roller door. You could even consider a remote-controlled garage door or even a smart door (check out this guide at Garage Doors Online for more types of garage door). Garage doors should always be installed by a qualified expert to ensure that they are safe. 

Add more lighting

Is your garage a little gloomy? Another way of giving it a makeover could be to add some new lighting. You could consider wiring in some spot lighting so that it’s fully lit up. Alternatively, you could stick to track lighting (which is likely to be cheaper). It’s best to hire a qualified electrician to install new lighting, especially if this space isn’t already hooked up with electricity. 

Repurpose your garage

Garages are primarily used to store cars or to store clutter – but they don’t have to be used solely for one of these two uses. There could be other inventive ways of putting your garage to use. For instance, you could transform it into a private workshop, studio or gym for any hobbies you may have. If you work from home, it could even be converted into a home office, giving you a space to concentrate and be productive. It could even be turned into an extra bedroom that could be used to accomodate guests or a growing family. It’s totally up to you as to how you use this space. By switching up the flooring, plastering the walls and blocking up the garage door entrance, you could completely transform it from a rugged space to a cosy extra room. 


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