How to stay fit as a busy mum

How to stay fit as a busy mum

Since 2009, the percentage of working mums with underaged children has risen steadily. It currently stands at 75.1%, and according to The Guardian, that is a record high for the UK. Indeed, committing time to keep fit when you have kids requires a deliberate effort. Without it, all your hours will be dedicated to completing chores and tasks. In the 21st century, everything is about convenience and accessibility. That is what you should be aiming at as a busy mum who desires to stay fit. Find out some ideas on how to do this as you read this article.

Get your workout done early

For many mothers, the best time to get the most workouts is early in the morning while kids are still sleeping. It is a period you get your peace of mind and feel at ease to follow routines. Ensure to exercise in an open area in the house. If you have to use music, let it be turned down to a low volume or far away from the kids’ sleeping areas. According to some mothers who spoke to The Guardian, failure to work out first thing in the morning (before kids wake up) increases the likelihood of putting off exercises until later.

In many cases, the routine gets pushed to the backburner or not done at all. Additionally, ensure to break up your workouts for convenience sake. For example, if your routine lasts for thirty minutes, break each one up into five or ten minutes. This strategy is easy to follow and doesn’t seem cumbersome to carry out. However, if you prefer to seek help with your routines, get yourself a personal trainer.

Eat protein with every meal

Did you know that a protein deficiency is a common cause of constant hunger? As unbelievable as this sounds, science has proven it so. Protein takes longer to digest and, for that reason, makes you feel fuller for longer. Again, it decreases cravings for unhealthy snacks which contain high salt, sugar, and fat content. Admittedly, busy mums have a hard time eating healthy on the regular. Ironically, most make it a point to feed their families balanced meals. 

The question now is, why the failure to pay critical attention to what you eat? Research says after engaging in so many tasks and chores, mothers tend to favour quick fixes in the form of unhealthy snacks. An addiction to this routine results in expanding waistlines over time. To avoid this, nutritionists believe a reduction in carbohydrates consumption and an increase in healthy proteins help the body to stay fit. Do not forget to add a regular exercise routine.

Supplement your diet with whole food vitamins

According to, one in five Brits has a vitamin deficiency. Even worse, women are discovered to lack even more vital vitamins. Furthermore, among busy mums, Vitamins D, B9, B12, E, and K, are most deficient. Science explains that women’s monthly menstrual cycles continue to be a reason for the vitamins’ depletion.

Therefore, to stay fit as a busy mum, it would be best to take approved supplements rich in these vitamins. If you didn’t know, vitamins boost the immune system and protect against infections. 

Keep hydrated

The female adult has approximately 55% water in her body compared to the male, who has 60%. A woman needs less water in her body because, naturally, she has more fatty tissue. Fatty tissues require lower volumes of water, and that explains the 5% difference between both genders.

As a busy mum, you have even more need to stay hydrated at all times. This is because constant stress from motherhood and an active lifestyle can cause dehydration. Research by WebMD revealed that dehydration elevates cortisol (stress hormones) levels. Fortunately, regular water intake keeps the levels down.

Set SMART fitness goals

Fitness goals refer to your training objectives. It can be a physical challenge you set for yourself. However, to get it SMART means your goals should be – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. SMART fitness goals act as personal guidelines on your mission to stay fit. Most importantly, keep a close eye on the progress you make as you track your fitness goals.

To conclude, it’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood, and before you know it, you’re already battling with weight or struggling to stay fit. For many experienced mothers, staying healthy is an uphill task, and it can be challenging to see through with it until you remain committed to it.



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