Essentials for flying with kids

Las Vegas and Los Angeles with kids

Long or short-haul plane travel can be testing at the best of times! However, when you have the kids in tow, things can go downhill really quickly, especially if you don’t make sure everyone is comfortable. Happily, there are some smart ways that you can make even the longest of hauls more bearable. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Carry on luggage

The first item on the list is a good and sturdy carry on bag. There are two ways you can use these. You can pack only a carry-on for shorter trips, thereby making checking in a lot faster and easier. Yes, that’s hours of time you don’t have to spend in the queue with over-excited kids.

Secondly, even if you will be checking in your larger bags, a good carry-on is essential because it allows you to have immediate access to all the items you need to make the plane trip as smooth as possible. In fact, in our carry on, you will find all the other things discussed below!


I’m not talking fluffy wooly numbers here that you would wear as the first flakes of snow begin to fall in winter. Instead, the scarves you want to take on a flight with you are the larger, square options made from relatively lightweight fabric.

If possible, one for each member of the family is the best approach. Why? Well, it’s because a scarf can become many things during a long journey, from a makeshift blanket to keep the fam warm in the plane’s cabin, to a pillow that makes it that little bit easier to nod off. With a bit of DYing, you can even use them to make hanging leg footrest for the kids so they can sleep flat during the journey.

You can get scarves like these for super cheap too from shops like Primark and Matalan, which means you won’t have to eat into your travel budget too much.


I never get on a plane without my sunglasses, even if it’s pouring with rain as we board. After all, what is the first thing that you end up doing when you disembark? Yes, that right, squinting in the bright sunlight!

It’s a smart idea to skip the cheap sunglasses too and go for a proper pair with prescription lenses. Then you won’t have to worry about wearing contacts on your flight, something that can dry out your eyes, and means you can take that all-important nap either.

Fortunately, you can use sites like┬áto get your prescription sunglasses at a lower price than on the high street. They stock all the most up to date frame trends too, so you can be sure to stay fashionable and will be well protected from the sun’s glare.

Comfy flat shoes

Comfortable flat shoes for every member of the family are essential for plan travel. This is because many people experience swelling in the feet and legs at altitude. Of course, wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes is only going to make this worse.

While we are on the subject of feet, some slipper socks are also a smart idea for the cabin, as it can get a bit uncomfortably chilly in there for the kids.


If you think that you and the kids will get through a whole flight without some sort of spillage, then you may be slightly deluded. Yes, it would be nice if this was the case, but alas, it is not a perfect world, and accidents will and do invariably happen. With that in mind attaching some baby wipes in your bag is a smart idea. Oh, and they provide the adult with a fast way of freshening up after the flight too.

Activities for the kids

When travelling in a small metal tube in the sky with the family, tensions can become frayed quickly, especially when the little ones are expected to stay in their seats for long periods, being as quiet as possible.

That is why it is crucial to take plenty of activities onto the plane with you. The best activities to choose are the ones that will keep the kids engaged, entertained, amused, and, all importantly, as quiet as possible during your journey.

Happily, there are plenty to choose from, including quiet books and mini play kits, some of which you can DIY with tutorials like the one at Tablets with movies or audiobooks pre-downloaded and headphones are also a smart idea. Oh, and if you want to go for colouring books, be sure to take a pencil and not pens, as the cabin pressure can play havoc with the latter, and cause some major, but admittedly very colourful leakage all over the rest of your stuff!!!



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