Fund your travel with these budget-friendly ideas

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Travelling is something many of us enjoy doing, be that for the long-term or simply for that one vacation a year, we all count down to. However, it can often be expensive to book the trip of your dreams and can leave you draining your budget or paying back credit cards for the weeks and months after your holiday. Only for you to do it all over again the following year. With that in mind, here are some of the budget-friendly ways you can fund your travel.


Set up a savings plan


When it comes to your holiday many of us know when we would like to travel or book a holiday, so prepare in advance and set up a savings plan. Putting aside savings for your trip can help you avoid getting into debt when the time comes to pay off your holiday. It helps you to budget, and then once the holiday is paid for, any additional savings left or saved up for your holiday can be used towards your spending money. Even if you don’t save the full amount, savings can help towards the costs. You could also speak with a financial planner who could help with invesntments and other routes of funding to help you enjoy traveling to the fullest. 


Look out for bargains online


Don’t always think that booking with a travel agent will be the best deal, often you kind find some amazing bargains on flights or accommodation online. Get prices from all different options and compare them. If you find a deal online take it back to your agent to see if they can match it or even better beat it. 


Become a digital nomad


If you love to travel but feel suffocated by the 9-5 rat race then why not look into careers and options to become a digital nomad. This means you can fund your travels through work while exploring the world. You can work from anywhere and it could be the best lifestyle change you make. 

Think outside of the box when it comes to accommodation


If you are honest, we are all aware that city center accommodation or downtown boutique hotels are always going to be pricey, especially in prime season. So think outside of the box when it comes to accommodation and stay a little out of the center. This can often reduce the cost of your accommodation by hundreds when making a more informed choice. Hiring a car could be an option to help you get to all the local attractions. Sometimes staying outside of the resort can mean better accommodation or even villas with your pool for less money than you would spend in the resort. It has to be worth considering. 


Book way ahead or last-minute


Booking in advance can sometimes give you a great deal, especially when booking after Christmas and in January when people are less likely to spend. However, if you can’t book too far in advance then wait until the last minute. Some travel agents or holiday providers will slash the price of hotels and flights a few days before, this is when some of the best bargains can be booked. 


Don’t always think package deals are best


Finally, a package holiday and even all-inclusive might look good on paper, but is it? Work out both options and see if booking separately, going self-catering or even having a package deal is worth the money. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to fund your future travel plans.



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