Essentials for travelling in the car with kids

Essentials for travelling in the car with kids

Keeping your kids entertained whilst in the car, whether this needs to be for 10 minutes of several hours, is often an absolute nightmare. Especially on a longer journey, it’s important that you put some measures into place to keep your kids attention and stop them from stressing out and losing it a couple of moment into your voyage. With these simple tips and investments, you can help to make the experience a little more bearable for everyone involved, so buckle your seat belt and keep reading to find how.

Make Sure They’re Strapped In

The most important thing to remember when travelling with your children is that each of them is sufficiently strapped into their car seat. Not only will you be sticking to the law and keeping them as safe and protected as possible, you can also stop any opportunities of them becoming unbuckled and distracting you or your partner whilst you are driving. Every brand and style of car will facilitate some kind of child seat, so find one that suits your own requirements by searching specifically for Mercedes accessories, for example. Ensure the seat you purchase is properly attached and secure inside the car, and that your child isn’t too uncomfortable when they sit inside it.

Always Bring Rewards

Giving your child a treat like a small chocolate or 10 minutes playing their favourite game on your phone when they act respectfully will encourage them to stay calm and cause less trouble. A simple incentive will allow them to have the option of behaving well and gaining a reward, and soon enough they will become bored of making trouble and come round to the idea that playing nicely might earn them something. Especially if you have a whole gang in the car, they will acknowledge each other getting some sweets and in turn want that themselves. If you stick to the rules and only reward them for very good behaviour, they will try their very best to control themselves.

Audiobooks And Playlists

Especially for longer journeys, purchasing some audiobooks to play over the stereo or creating a playlist of your kids favourite songs can make the journey go a lot smoother. It will easily suffice in keeping them distracted, and often your little ones will really enjoy having a party in the back with some fun music when they don’t have many others options or the room to express themselves and release some energy. Putting on an audiobook has many advantages, and you could even go for something a little more educational to take the opportunity to squeeze in some extra learning whilst you’re somewhat trapped inside the car.

These simple ideas should help you with the basics of safe and sound child accompanied car travel. Make sure their seat belt is fastened, bring some snacks or toys with you and give them something to listen and pay attention to. Try to keep your cool by taking regular breaks on any longer journeys to avoid restlessness. Good luck!


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