Finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift

It’s October already? That must mean it’s practically Christmas, and once the shops have emptied the last of their pumpkins, broomsticks and fake spiders, it’s time to think about all that present buying you need to do. It doesn’t matter how many people you have to buy for, this always seems like a stressful task as you try to improve on last years present.

For all those ladies out there who love to be organised, this is also the perfect time to pick up bargains for birthdays in future. But how do you decide on what to get people? How do you find that perfect gift amongst all the deals, discounts and offers? Hopefully my gift-buying guide today will help point you in the right direction.

Who are you buying for?

First of all, you need to think about the person you’re buying for. Make a detailed list of all the things they like and think about what hobbies they enjoy, whether they’re into any sports, if they cook, what kind of food is their favourite and so on. A few initial thoughts about what they’d like should jump out at you; if it’s a short list then great! It reduced the number of options and allows you to focus on a few key aspects of their personality. If it’s a long list then this can also be an advantage, because there are so many areas you can look at for presents. Everyone has a budget too, so make sure you keep this in mind when making your list, as it will help to immediately narrow down your choices.

Can you be quirky?

When you know the kinds of things the person likes and what budget you’re aiming at, it’s a good idea to think of things they probably won’t have. If they love fishing for example, they’ll probably already have all the right equipment, so look at things like novelty thermal mugs for them to take with them on their trips, a subscription to their favourite magazine, books of funny fisherman stories, or if they wear a suit during their day-job, what about a pair of fishing cufflinks? Try to be original where you can!

Material girl?

Gifts don’t have to mean things you wrap up with pretty paper. Ask yourself, would they like a physical gift or an experience instead? If it’s a fashion lover, you could give them a beautiful ChloBo bracelet, where you can pick a charm that suits their personality. If it’s a boy who loves his cars though, he’s probably going to prefer an experience gift, where he can drive supercars for the day or visit a classic car show. For adventure seekers, buy them a hot air balloon ride or helicopter lessons – they’ll appreciate the thought just as much.

ChloBo BraceletDid my quick gift-buying guide help you in your quest for the perfect presents? Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for readers.

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