Ultimate planning guide for a gender reveal

Ultimate planning guide for a gender reveal

If you are pregnant, you may already anticipate various things like your first baby’s arrival or getting a suitable name. The arrival of your bundle of joy is often celebrated with a gender reveal party, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make it extra special. Data further proves that gender reveals have become more popular, with 61% of loved ones of expecting parents attending them with gifts. With that in mind, you have every reason to make your baby’s gender reveal memorable. This guide provides insight into the trend and how to plan one without a hitch.


  • Set the date and venue

Many gender reveal parties are held during the second half of the pregnancy when the ultrasound image is clearer. If you’re planning a reveal party, remember this crucial aspect because it is the primary reason for the celebration in the first place. 18 – 20 weeks is an ideal time for the ultrasound scan to confirm your baby’s gender with little to no room for errors. You can set the date and venue for the gender reveal party when that is out of the way. Many celebrations are held at home, but renting an event space can add some pizzazz. Ensure the rental space cost is within budget and not something you will later regret paying for. Having or raising a baby is expensive, making having your financial wits around you more important. The local park is another ideal space for these celebrations, but remember to check the weather conditions beforehand. Admittedly, the venue type depends on your guest list, so keep that in mind when choosing an indoor or outdoor space. Communicate the date in ample time so your guests factor it into their plans.

  • Take another look at the invitations and guest list

It is tempting to want to have everyone you know attend one of the most significant moments in your life. Unfortunately, that can quickly spiral out of control, and before you know it, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will show up. There’s nothing wrong with having large numbers at your gender reveal party, but there is a critical element to consider first. These events are usually intimate, explaining why many couples stick with only close friends and family. The more intimate it is, the more manageable the party will be. Next is the invitation and how you and your partner want to send them out. Some prefer traditional paper invitations, while other couples stick with digital ones. Each type has pros and cons, and you’ll discover what they are. Traditional paper invitations are more intimate and personal. You can keep one in a scrapbook after the baby is born. However, paper invitations are more expensive and can easily get lost or delayed if you send them through the mail. Digital invitations, on the other hand, are cheaper, quicker, and eco-friendly. The only downside may be delivery issues when connectivity is down. The debate around the type of invitation can be discussed with your partner. You might print limited traditional paper invitations for your parents and choose digital copies for other guests.

  • The big reveal

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for, and there’s no limit to how creative you can get at this stage. How do you want to act out the heart of this party? Some people prefer to cut into a cake with blue or pink filling. Others like to pop a giant balloon with confetti in the same colours as mentioned earlier. You can it take a step further by using fireworks in a spacious outdoor location to light up the sky in blue or pink to reveal the baby’s gender, but you must buy them from the right source. A dazzling display of colours against the night sky or white clouds can become a memorable moment for you and your partner. The idea of the big reveal is to make it dramatic and unforgettable. Remember that your guests have attended other gender reveal parties. Therefore, the more dramatic the reveal is, the better the chances of making an impression on their minds. They won’t forget your gender reveal celebration anytime soon. If you must hire a photographer, remind them to make the gender reveal the most photographically intense moment of the event.

  • Decorations and theme

Choose subtle decor shades that complement the occasion because you don’t want to give anything away before the big reveal. These can be white, ivory, silver, green, or other colours that aren’t the traditional blue or pink. The idea is to add a mystery touch by reserving these two hues for the final reveal, making them stand out against your carefully selected alternative decor colours. You can also stick with blue and pink throughout your decor. That can make it even more exciting for guests who may be curiously looking for giveaway signs that indicate the actual gender of the baby. Many people celebrating similar events use balloons, banners, and streamers as part of grounds decor. They are inexpensive and easily accessible from the store. More detailed occasions include scented candles to add to the ambience of the festive atmosphere. There is no limit to your decor and chosen themes, but sometimes, less is more. Consider how time-consuming it can be to clean up heaps of event decor after the party. Limiting the decor is your safest bet if cleaning decor puts you off.

  • Food, drinks, and entertainment

What’s a party without drinks, delicious food, and entertainment? You rarely hear of a gender reveal party serving a three-course buffet menu, as that is quite costly. A buffet of finger foods is ideal and less expensive. Remember to get creative with the drinks or punch served at the party. You can stick with the traditional blue and pink for your party guests. The expectant mother may be better off with a non-alcoholic cocktail served in the same colours. The objective is to keep the gender reveal theme alive and kicking throughout the event. You can include other entertainment ideas besides the usual music at these events. For example, your guests can vote on the gender before the reveal. Plan special souvenirs for winners who guess right. It is easy to make the mistake of adding only your interests during the planning stage. Your spouse or partner is crucial to the occasion, so let them add their preferences.


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