How to have the perfect day out in winter

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When we think of a perfect day out, we tend to think of heading to the beach, to the waterfront, to a quaint village, or visiting a tourist attraction. All of that can apply in winter, too, but of course, the cold weather limits the available events and our willingness to tolerate the outside elements for too long.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a perfect day out in winter, especially up to the festive period. You might simply have to pivot the kind of events you go to and the kind of activities you like to do. Arguably, the winter can provide a range of very comforting, inspiring and even soul-nourishing experiences compared to sitting on the beach in the summer.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that in winter, people tend to think differently, and have more time for arts, culture, and music as opposed to baking in the hot sun quite contentedly. So, let’s consider how to take the perfect day out in winter:

Head To Culturally Relevant Landmarks

Culturally relevant landmarks have a real place in the story of a local area, and for this reason many of them put on special, beautiful Christmas or festive events. That said, they’re also wonderful to visit over winter to see the new decorations. No matter if you pop in for wonderful Castle afternoon tea, or visit the local visitor’s farm to see some of the animals in their winter coats, it’s fun to explore, especially historically relevant locations such as cathedrals or shops/cafes that have been around for hundreds of years and boast a real legacy.

The Comfort In Indulgent Food

Taking comfort in indulgent food is a great hallmark of winter, and you can do this without feeling guilty in any way. For instance, enjoying some gorgeous stews in a classic Irish cafe, eating comforting roasted meats and vegetables, or visiting the local cafe for a warming breakfast that helps you shed some of the cold you embraced while travelling there; heading out and experiencing some wonderful eats with your friends and family can be the crown jewel in your day out – or at least fuel you for one you’re about to go on.

Get Involved In Classes!

It can be very rewarding, and a tremendous bonding experience, to head to classes with those you appreciate. This might include a pottery class, an art class such as painting with watercolors, or perhaps learning how to operate a small sailing boat provided you feel up for doing so. Many classes that help you explore the environment in a unique way, or stay inside and learn the best of a range of classes can feel truly inspiring to take part on, to the point where you may be surprised just how much fun you have.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the perfect day out in winter. Just don’t forget to pack your warm hat, gloves and scarfs! The last thing you need is to catch a chill while trying to have some fun.



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