What you should look for in a hotel for kids

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A good hotel for your kids can be hard to find because most of them don’t consider children when designing their facilities. However, whether you are rich and have nannies or are travelling with your partner and multiple kids, you need certain features for comfort and peace.

Things the Kids Can Do to Tire Them Out

Excellent hotels provide relaxation amenities like spas, hot tubs and massages for adults. But that’s not what the kids want. They want things to pass the time, and you want things to tire them out. So it helps to check beforehand if there are activities for the children. You could even book a stay at forest locations with attached activity centres. Often, these include high-octane activities such as horse riding, abseiling and going on long hikes through nature trails.

Check for Family Options in a Hotel for Your Kids

When booking accommodation for your children, one of the most important things to check is the sleeping policy. Some hotels have rooms for families that usually have a double bed and one or two individual beds. They may also have a dedicated area for children that is linked to the main room. Travel cots are another thing to check, which is great if you have a baby because it means you don’t have to stress about bringing one from home.

Things to Make Them Feel Welcome

When it comes to quality service, a little makes a huge difference. For example, it’s great for the kids when you come in, and they’re greeted by name. This makes kids feel valued and welcome, especially in high-end hotels, which can be a little scary for kids. So, when choosing a hotel, try to find out if they have any special services for families with young children. Some of the higher-end hotels might offer gift bags of candy or a selection of toys for kids, for example.

Child-Friendly Zones

Some hotels have playrooms and other areas just for kids that are safe for kids of all ages. Many of the play areas have soft play areas, and there may even be staff who can watch kids for 30 minutes to an hour. Some of the facilities you should look for are:

  • Baby stations for cleaning the kids when they inevitably get soiled.
  • Soft play areas where they cannot hurt themselves.
  • Isolated areas where you can relax while still keeping an eye on the kids.
  • Adequate health and safety features such as CCTV and first aid.
  • Professional and courteous staff to watch your kids at all times.

It’s a good idea to look at everything a hotel has to offer. They are a good way to tell if a hotel is good for families or not. Not every hotel will have all of the above features. But it is a good sign that your hotel will more than please your kids if it has at least a couple of them.

Options for the Babies

Most modern hotels have an eatery on the premises. So, try to find out more about the hotel’s restaurant and whether or not it’s good for kids. If so, there will be menus for kids and places for babies to warm up their bottles. Some will even give away free things for babies, like sterilisers and food. And you’ll need a place with high chairs, of course. Children’s packs that give them things to do while they wait for their food are also a great extra feature that some will offer.

A Hotel for Your Kids Needs Space

The website of a hotel can often give you an idea of how big a room is. But it can also be a lie. So, you should try to figure out how much room you have. When thinking about the size, it’s a good idea to look at how much space there is between the beds, where the closet is, and if there is more furniture than open space. Hotels with a higher price tag tend to have bigger rooms, even in the lower room categories. Most of the time, more space is better for kids.

Things for Yourself As Well

It will save you a lot of trouble if you go out of your way to locate a hotel with things for the kids. But you should also pamper yourself a little when you’re on vacation. So, if you stay in a hotel, look for one with a spa so you can get away from the kids and relax. And don’t forget about where you can eat. Menus for kids are great. But you might want something a little fancier than spaghetti and meatballs. Don’t forget to ask about room service options, either.


Any good hotel for your kids needs to have certain things available, such as activities for fun, the food they will like, and child-friendly toddler zines. But don’t neglect your own needs either.


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