Interior and exterior design ideas to consider for 2019

Interior and exterior design ideas to consider for 2019

Renovating a household is no easy task. You might have some ideas floating around in your head. Maybe you’ve been picturing how you’d redo your bathroom for years. But it’s hard to put all of those ideas together to form a coherent picture. You have to think about how to achieve your intended projects in the most time-effective and cost-effective manner. After all, you’re probably limited to a particular budget, and you’re probably only going to be able to make serious progress when you’re off work at the weekend. It’s time to put together a plan. If you need any inspiration then here are some fantastic interior and exterior design ideas to consider for 2019.

Expand each room

If you’re looking for a great interior design idea this year then you should start looking for ways to expand each room in your house. That goal is to create a minimalistic style, but you don’t have to strip your home of its personality to achieve this. You can start by decluttering your household to get rid of the things you don’t actually want or need. Once you start reducing the amount of junk in each room, you might find that your house is actually much larger than you thought. To really make your home feel more spacious, you might want to improve your storage options too. Putting up more shelves on the walls could create storage for your items; in turn, you won’t have to use as much floor space for tables and cabinets to support your ornaments, books, and other belongings.

You might even want to expand your entire house by repurposing spaces such as the garage or the attic. Rather than simply dumping all of your old belongings or Christmas decorations in these rooms, you could convert them into something else. Your attic could become a guest bedroom, and your garage could become a games room for the children to enjoy. This would make your entire house feel larger because it would appear as if you’d gained a brand new room (or a few brand new rooms, depending on how many room conversions you consider). Start thinking outside the box. You could be using each of your rooms for so much more. Plan some expansion projects if you want to improve your home this year.

Give your kitchen a makeover

In 2019, make it your mission to renew your kitchen in some way. Whether it’s already a room you love or not, there are always improvements that can be made. The kitchen is the heart of the home. So many people say this, and it’s true for any household. It’s not just a room in which you cook food; it’s a room in which the entire family can relax. Turn it into more than a room with an oven and some countertops. Repaint the cabinets to really make the room shine. Get some new tiles for the floor to serve as both a functional improvement and an aesthetic statement in the kitchen.

Making the kitchen more homely is a smart move too. As was just mentioned, it’s supposed to be a cosy area in which the entire family can come together and relax. You might want to consider getting some better lighting for the dining area. A dimmer switch could help you to adjust the lighting depending on the occasion. An intimate meal for two might call for dimmer lighting, but a big meal with numerous guests might call for brighter lighting. The key to giving your kitchen a successful makeover is to always focus on the vibe you’re trying to create in this room.

Spruce up your lounge

Another important room in your house is the lounge. After a long day, don’t you want to be able to crash on the sofa and relax? It’s hard to do that when your living room is aesthetically unpleasant. Whether it’s clutter or an outdated design, it might be time to spruce up your lounge. Perhaps you could start by improving the flooring, for example. You might want to replace tacky old carpet with wooden flooring for a timeless and natural aesthetic but get some stylish rugs for a bit of comfort. The key is to get the right balance of style and substance. You want your living room to look good but still remain functional.

Perhaps you could throw in a few statement pieces to really tie the room together nicely. You might want to check out these designer leather sofas. These furnishings are the perfect examples of visually impressive but practical statement pieces. You might also want to consider getting some unique light fixtures for your living room. The goal is to create some focal points that really tie the space together. Maybe you could get some more houseplants and create a colourful vibe in the room. Plants also remove toxins from the air; again, there’s a practical side to this statement piece.

Improve the front of your property

Let’s start talking about exterior design. Obviously, your home’s interior plays a big part in the overall appearance of your humble abode, but you need to focus on the initial impression made by your household too. Tidying up the front of your property this year could really make your home look and feel better. You could start by washing the driveway to make it look brand new once again. Repaving the path leading up to your front door (as well as repainting the front door itself) could also help to make your household look and feel new again. A fresh coat of paint will also protect your door from weathering too, so it’s a smart long-term decision.

If the cladding on your home is looking a little worse for wear, this can be refreshed too, either with something like brand new stone cladding or at least a new coat of paint. 

Reinvent your home’s garden area

Of course, the back of your property is important too. After all, your garden is essentially an extra room in your home; it’s just an outdoor room, that’s all. But this is certainly the way in which you should view it. Work hard to maintain it. Mow the lawn, trim back overgrown weeds or shrubbery, and water plants or flowers that you might be growing. You should also create a comfortable patio area for you and the family to enjoy. If you want to treat your garden as if it’s an outdoor living room then you need a lounging area. Create an awning to keep your patio sheltered from rain and other outdoor elements. Make sure your chairs are cushioned and comfortable. Make your patio and the entire garden feel inviting.


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