Getting that hotel feeling in your very own home

Getting that hotel feeling in your very own home

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We all yearn to get away from it all. We’re all excited by the prospect of travelling to new and far flung destinations, immersing ourselves in new cultures, meeting new people and experiencing exotic tastes, smells and sights. Yet, when our holidays are over we can feel as though we hit the ground with a thump. The quotidian familiarity of the home can look and feel positively bland when compared to the opulence of an overseas resort. If only there were some way to replicate that special feeling of luxury and indulgence that we get when staying in hotels and integrate it into the fabric of our own homes.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can do just that. If you find yourself suffering from the post-holiday blues, here are some tips for encapsulating the hotel experience in your very own home…

Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa

If your bathroom has for too long been a purely functional space, it’s time to inject a little glitz, glamour and luxury to the bathroom by transforming it into a luxury spa. Needless to say, the first step is to make sure that it’s immaculately clean and tidy. Treat the family to some Egyptian cotton towels and take these steps to keep them fluffy. Ensure that you have some gorgeous scented candles to lend ambient light and therapeutic scents. Load up on relaxing bath salts and bath bombs (as opposed to commercial bubble baths). While your at it, treat yourself and your partner to some luxurious hotel quality bathrobes. And hey, if you want to enjoy a glass of Prosecco in the bath after a hard day’s work, I certainly won’t be judging!

Let there be light

You’ll notice that the lighting in a luxury hotel is never dark or dreary. It’s usually bright and cheerful to draw attention to the myriad little touches that make your hotel room look beautiful. You’d be astonished how transformative it can be when you make the most of the natural light coming into your home. Add a touch of glamour by substituting your home’s light shades with chandeliers.

Keep it green

One of the great things about staying in a hotel is the sense of colour and vibrancy that permeates the rooms and communal spaces. A big part of this is the abundance of plant life. You’ll usually find that luscious plants are a common mainstay in luxurious hotels. Take a leaf (pun very much intended) out of their book and make sure that your home has some beautiful plant life to liven up bare spaces. Worried about keeping them alive? Don’t worry, here are some beautiful and yet zero maintenance house plants.

Create a unified look

Many hotels are nothing if not brand conscious, often opting for a unified colour scheme throughout their communal spaces and even in their rooms. While you don’t have to apply this to your whole home, it can be very satisfying to colour coordinate little touches like lampshades, throws, cushions and rugs. It’s pleasing to the eye an instils us with a wonderful sense of harmony.

Take a few simple steps to hotelify your home (yup, I’ve just decided that’s a word), and you’ll never get the post-holiday blues again!



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