Making more space in your home

Making more space in your home

As time progresses, you’re bound to collect more and more belongings in your home, yet it’s unlikely that your property has grown in size to accommodate this. Finding a storage solution can seem to be like a lot of hassle, and besides building some kind of shed to put all of your stuff inside, it can seem as though there’s no way out besides simply getting rid of your stuff. Luckily there are several innovative concepts that you can implement to improve your storage situation, and it really couldn’t be easier to get started! So, if you want to find out what you can do to make more space in your home, then read on for some of the best tips and trips that you can utilise today! 

Get Creative

When it comes to figuring out some storage solutions for your home, the best way to go forward is to get creative and try to think outside of the box to uncover more inventive ways to make space. Shelving units and bookcases are usually quite short, so finding a way to maximise the entire length from floor to ceiling can help you to gain more storage space without having to take up any ‘extra’ areas. There are also many innovative investments that you can make which serve several purposes, for example why not purchase a foot stool in the same colour as your sofa that doubles up as a storage box for any living room items? You can even buy stylish cushioned bench boxes for your dining room table that serve the same purpose too, which can really help to declutter the space whilst still offering easy access. 

Smart Decluttering 

There are several smart ways that you can declutter your home without having to get rid of all of your stuff. First of all, the easiest option you can choose is a remote storage unit – you can place your unused belongings under lock and key for a very small monthly fee. This is a super safe option to go for, and it means that at any point you can visit your locker to add any extra items or take something home to use. If you have a large amount of unused items, you may want to consider putting some of the more valuable ones up for sale to gain a little cash to fund this venture. Realistically if you do not make use of some of your belongings, there’s really no point in keeping them, and someone else may be willing to pay a high price to take them off your hands. 

Making more space in your home has never been more simple when you make the most of the handy hacks detailed above. Start by thinking up some of the most innovative ideas, including floor to ceiling shelving and multipurpose furniture that can double as extra storage. Try and declutter your home in the smartest way possible, perhaps by renting out a storage unit and selling off some expensive items that you no longer use enough to warrant keeping. 


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