Design an easy to clean kitchen

Design an easy to clean kitchen

If there is one room in any home that can often be a nightmare to clean and keep tidy, it has to be the kitchen. It is such a busy room that families will often be using, so there is no wonder that so much clutter builds up over time. Not only that, though, but as it will be a big area for food prep and cooking, you can be sure that there will also be crumbs and spillages that need to be dealt with!

Thankfully, though, your kitchen doesn’t always have to be a struggle to keep clean. Here are some great tips that can help you design an easy to clean kitchen.

Get A Hard Floor

One of the areas of the kitchen that will very easily gather dirt and food particles is the floor. No matter how careful you are not to spill anything while cooking, there will always be some crumbs and dust that end up on the floor. The best way to deal with this is to install a hard flooring that is easy to mop and wipe down whenever you need to. You might want to look at these laminate floors for inspiration. You then won’t have to worry about spilling anything on the floor again as you will be able to quickly deal with it with a quick wipe!

Install A Backsplash

The backsplash is the name given to the area of wall that is directly behind your cooker or hob. Even though wallpapered or painted backsplashes will look fantastic, they will also be very difficult to clean properly and could very easily end up stained. It’s a much better idea to go for a tiled or stainless steel one instead. These are easy to wipe clean in an instant.

Go For Grey Countertops

Lots of homeowners opt for dark countertops because they can make a kitchen look extremely elegant and chic. However, they will show up a lot of dirt, especially salt, scratches any other imperfections that could affect them. One great tip is to instead go for a grey or similar neutral shade for all of your kitchen worktops. These will hide a multitude of imperfections while also adding some sophistication to your kitchen decor.

Install Plenty Of Drawers

Do you get sick of reaching to the back of a cupboard for a pan? Or maybe you end up leaving some dried utensils and pans out on the countertops because you can’t be bothered arranging everything back into your cupboards. I’m sure most homeowners have been there before! Well, there is a way to get around this – just install a lot of large drawers! You can now find very deep drawers that act like cupboards. Being able to pull them out will make it easier getting to all the tools and equipment that you need straight away!

These are just a handful of brilliant ways you can create a very easy to clean kitchen. Do you have any other great tips?


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