Marathon training – week 10

Marathon training – week 10

I’ve had a really good week in terms of training!

As Simon’s been out quite a bit in the evenings, I’ve been doing my short runs in my lunch hour at work, so on Tuesday and Thursday I did 3 miles. Tuesday’s run was a killer, my legs felt like lead. I get that every so often and I have no idea why it happens. I’m not sure if it’s dehydration or whether it’s just because I ran too close to Sunday’s long run? Thankfully Thursday’s run wasn’t as bad.

Wednesday lunchtime, I went to the exercise class that runs at work. It was a great workout including a mixture of boxing and kettlebells. Just what my weak core requires!!

I’m delighted to report that one Sunday I ran a massive 16 miles! I ran 6 miles with Simon whilst my Mum sat with the kids and then I carried on and did another 10 on my own! The last couple of miles hurt though and I literally slowed right down, but I did it. I perhaps need to think about adding a third energy gel and taking some money to buy a drink, as my Lucozade had all gone by mile 10. My pre-run breakfast consisted of a slice of toast with peanut butter and banana, which seemed to work well. Post-run I had a protein smoothie, a sausage toasty at Costa and a cherry scone! I also wore my compression socks for the afternoon, which felt amazing!

I woke up this morning feeling a little stiff, which has eased a bit as they day’s progressed. Although, I’m thinking of pushing my next run back to Weds rather than Tuesday to let my legs repair a bit.

So, I’m feeling good. I also had a little peek at my training plan and I’m actually a week ahead, great news but has made me a little anxious about doing my longest run (20 miles) too early, so I might ease back the weekend before my longest run to give my legs a well deserved rest and hopefully avoid getting any injuries.

One thing that has baffled me though, is the lack of weight loss. I’m eating healthily, but actually put 1lb on this week. It doesn’t seem fair! A friend suggested that maybe I need to eat more, so I’ve decided to follow the Slimming World plan this week, as you can eat loads of that, whilst still being healthy, so we’ll see.

J x


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