Marathon training – week 4

Marathon training – week 4

I’m a bit later with this post than planned. It was the twin’s third birthday this week, so it’s been a little hectic.

Training is still going well. I struggled a little with the mid-week shorter runs last week. I normally run on a Tuesday and Thursday, but I was out with my mummy friends on Thursday, so had to juggle things round a little.

I ran 3.5 miles on Wednesday, which was okay.

Friday was a very cold and windy 2.5 miles, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Scheduling a run on a Friday evening is probably not such a good idea and I must keep this in mind for future weeks.

I had a great long run on Sunday. I ran 8 miles. It was very wet, but I felt amazing. I didn’t ache on Monday either, so the training is obviously paying off (or the protein shake I have post-run is doing its job)!

Last week I attended an event we held at work. One of the presenters was a nutritionist and he advised me that my pre-run snack of a banana was not the best idea. He suggested half a banana and a handful of nuts would be more effective. So, I gave it a try and he’s absolutely right. My energy levels felt much higher and my long run was a breeze (it could be a fluke though!).

I’ve lost another 1lb, so that’s a total of 8lbs since the start of the year. The marathon is 12 weeks away and in that time I’d like to lose 12lbs, to get me down to 9 st. Sounds easier than it is though!

Simon is still feeling under the weather, so he hasn’t ran with me. I hope he feels better soon as it is so much easier when I have some company.

J xx


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