Marathon training – week 5

Another good week, although the weather has been getting to me a little. It’s cold and wet and I’m finding the mid-week evening runs hard. I’m okay once I get out the door, it’s just I’d much rather eat my dinner and snuggle up with Simon on the sofa!

I’ve also managed to squeeze in a kettlebell workout this week too, so Wednesday I did 40 mins of Kettlebells during my lunch break, followed by 3.5 miles in the evening. I was certainly aching when I went to bed and I was a bit conscious that doing two lots of activity in one day might not have been the most sensible thing to do.

On Thursday Simon joined me for a short 2.5 miles, which was nice. It was lovely to have some company again!

On Saturday I did 9 very wet miles in the pouring ran. It really wasn’t fun! I then went out with some friends in the evening and spent about 3 hours dancing, so this surely counts as a bit of cross-training?! I was happy not to ache the next day, although my left shin was a bit sore. I’m not sure whether it’s from the run or the dancing, so think I need to have a few rest days to avoid any possibility of shin splints.

As the weight loss, I stayed the same, which I’m okay with. Just conscious that I need to start losing again.

All in all another decent week.

11 weeks to go…!

J x


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