Oscar's parents' evening

Oscar's parents' evening

One night last week, Simon and I went to Oscar’s parents’ evening at school.

We’d been to one just after he started, but it mainly focused on how well he was settling in, so I was looking forward to hearing how he was getting on.
As soon as we sat down, both his teachers (they job share) started talking about how wonderful Oscar is. They said that he is such a lovely, well behaved little boy and how they love having him in their class. I was so proud. 
At the age Oscar is (5) it is so important to us that he is well behaved and a nice person. I obviously want him to do well at school, but the academic stuff comes later as far as I’m concerned. At this age it’s important that he develops his confidence, creativity, interaction and most importantly that he’s happy.
From what his teachers said, Oscar is very keen and eager to learn and wants to get things right, which is brilliant. He’s also very curious and asks lots of questions.
He struggles a little with processing instructions, so we need to help him by giving him some two and three-step instructions. We knew he had some difficulty with this, but assumed he was being lazy and wasn’t listening to us, so we’d often get annoyed at him. I need to ensure we stop this, he is only little and we need to make sure we help him rather than getting frustrated when we’ve told him three times to put his coat on – probably easier said than done!
We also need to continue listening to him read and play games to help him write his numbers the correct way round, as well as helping him with number order and strategies for adding and taking away.
We also talked a little about his speech as he sometimes has a stutter and struggles to get his words out. I’d mentioned it a few months ago, when it was more noticeable. However, it seems to have improved. He is having a hearing test in May, which is apparently the first step. The Special Needs Co-ordinator has been made aware too, so they will assess him to see if he needs any extra support. I’m not massively concerned as it does seem to be getting better, but best to keep an eye on it. 
Overall it was a great report and we were really happy that he seems to be doing well. It’s always nice to hear from others that they think your child is lovely. It’s reassuring that in this daunting world of parenting we must be doing something right! 
Well done Oscar!
J x

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