Oscar’s first skiing lesson

Oscar’s first skiing lesson

Yesterday Oscar had his first skiing lesson. He had some money for his birthday and we broached the topic with him to see if he was keen and he was. I learnt to ski at the Snowdome in Tamworth about seven years ago, and getting the kids to learn at some point has always been in our plans.

I was 24 when I learnt to ski and it took me a LONG time! I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, so it took me lots of lessons to finally get the hang of it. If I’m honest I think I would’ve given up if we hadn’t of had a holiday to Vail in the USA booked. But, I persevered and had an amazing time on our holiday. We vowed that when we had kids, we’d get them to learn to ski at a young age. We want to enjoy lots of exciting family ski holidays.

Now that Oscar’s 5, I think it’s the perfect age to learn and we decided to take advantage of his enthusiasm. We booked him in to Kinder Fun, which lasted 45 minutes. The aim of the session is to get the kids used to the boots and skis and it worked. Oscar’s balance was great and he had a few goes sliding down the mini kinder slope. At the end of the session the kids all had a go at snow tubing down the mini slope. The first thing Oscar asked when he finished the session was: “When can I come again?!”

We have booked him a lesson for next week and then we’ve decided we’ll probably do one every other week, so that it doesn’t become too expensive as it’s £22 per session.

The great thing about the Snowdome is that just after Oscar finishes his lesson, they have a family inflatable session in their swimming pool, so we decided to make a morning of it. All the kids loved it. We rounded off the morning with a cheeky McDonalds, which went down well. The twins had a good snooze on the drive home and we spent the afternoon relaxing and playing at home. A great day – can’t wait till next week!!

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