Our coronavirus diary – day two

Our coronavirus diary – day two

Day two of working from home started pretty well. Managed to get everyone up, dressed, fed and even made the beds before walking the kids to school with the dog. Was back at 9am ready for our team video call.

Had a really productive morning and definitely felt much more positive. Also, finally accepted that we can forget about selling our house whilst the world is in meltdown. What will be, will be…

Made it out for a 20 minute run at lunchtime, even though it was raining. Had a salad for lunch – felt like I was winning. Exchanged a few messages of support throughout the day with my mum friends – “we’ve got this ladies”!

Had a call mid-afternoon from Simon – someone wants to view the house tonight – yes!!! Completely wasn’t expecting any viewings as assumed it would be the last thing on people’s minds.

Then the messages began. First it was: “Resources will be coming home with your children tonight. More announcements to follow.” Oh no, it’s started… Then the (dreaded) news we’ve all been waiting for: “School will be closing for the forseeable future” NOOOOOO!!

Such a sad time. The teachers are sad, the parents are sad (and panicked). The kids were happy, but they (thankfully) don’t really understand the enormity of the situation. Everyone is anxious as no one knows how long this is going to go on for. Many of us are having to attempt to home school and work at the same time, which is going to be such a challenge. Luckily by employers are brilliant and really understanding, but we’re all heading into unchartered waters and it’s bloody scary!

Ate a load of chocolate whilst watching the official announcement on BBC News. It made me feel better for a couple of minutes at least. Heidi gave me a hug. She’s quite intuitive and I probably looked shit scared!!

Thankfully tidying the house (aka throwing things in cupboards) in preparation for the viewing managed to calm me down a bit. Simon arrived home and took the kids out to find a printer in prep for our home schooling journey. I did the viewing and the couple were lovely and really loved the house – fingers crossed.

Simon and the kids arrived back with a printer, a car full of beer (essential supplies apparently), baked beans and tea bags! He’d had a bit of a pep talk with them, so they started getting their activity packs from school out ready for the morning.

After the kids went to bed, I wrote a timetable on the blackboard wall in the kitchen and set up the table and my desk ready for the morning. I’ve got their clothes out and ready just like we do with their uniform and I’m determined that we’re going to have a strict structure. I’m desperately crying to create some order in a world that feels completely out of control at the minute.

Literally feel like I’m in a dream. Things seem to change drastically on a daily basis and who knows what’s next. I’m so thankful for social media and WhatsApp group chats at the minute. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through this and the pictures and GIFs that have been shared definitely help lift the spirits.

So, on to day three – it’s definitely going to be interesting!

Jemma x



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