Our coronavirus diary – day one

Our coronavirus diary – day one

So, the world appears to have gone crazy. We’re currently in the middle of a virus pandemic that has spread across the world from China. In the past few weeks, cases of the virus (known as has the coronavirus Covid-19)have rapidly increased and over the past week the government has ramped up measures to try and delay or slow the virus from spreading.

I’m currently on day one of working from home after the government advised social distancing yesterday. Our Easter holiday to the Caribbean and America has been cancelled and our house, which until last week was sold, is back on the market, yet we’ve had no viewings as everyone is too scared and instead are currently stockpiling toilet roll.

We’ve been advised to avoid pubs, restuarants, cinemas and basically anywhere that involves any social interaction. My mum and dad are in their 70s and are therefore classed as having a high risk of experiencing complications if they get the virus, so it’s quite important that we take steps to reduce our risk. However, I’m only on day one of what is likely to be our new norm for the foreseeable future and I’m already tearing my hair out. And the kids are still at school…

I’m definitely a planner. I like to plan and know what I’m doing and at the moment that is just not possible and I’m slowly going a little bit crazy. I’m also quite a social person. Again this whole scenario is the total opposite of who I am.

I’ve decided that I need to take some steps to try and ease the craziness.

  1. I’ve decided to blog about the experience. It will no doubt be fascinating to look back on in the future, plus it provides a little bit of therapy.
  2. I’m going to try and get out for a run on my lunch break most days. I’m hoping the exercise will also calm my mind.
  3. I’m going to try and read more. I love reading and really only get the chance on holiday. I’m hoping it will stop me constantly refreshing the news on my phone!
  4. I’m going to remind myself of all the things I’m grateful for. We are healthy, have savings that we can use if things get tough financially and we have a safe home and amazing family and friends. I’m aware that many people who are also going with this are dealing with a lot worse.

So, day one. I set up my new workstation at home, tried out Microsoft Teams with my work colleagues and actually managed to do a bit of work. My Hello Fresh delivery came, so I put that away and managed to put a wash load on. I’ve planned out my day tomorrow to ensure I keep focused. I’m also hoping Simon is ordered to work from home before the schools shut!

How are you all coping and what does your new normal look like?

Jemma x


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