Review: Exante

Review: Exante

Since January, when I started my marathon training, I’ve been trying hard to eat better and include more protein in my diet. As well as to benefit my training, I was keen to shed a few pounds too!

Now the marathon is over, I’m keen to continue the new habits and keep my diet healthy with lots of protein rich foods, so I was really excited to be contacted by Exante to see if I fancied trying out a few of their products – I never say no to food!

The brand have previously marketed themselves as a diet product. However, they have recently developed the range to focus on providing wholesome, healthy low-carb and high-protein meals and snacks. The variety is amazing and also includes some treats, which have been made that little bit healthier – bonus!

From the products I tried, my favourites were the Pot Meals, the Protein Chips and the Protein Wafers.

I found the Pot Meals were great for taking to work. I didn’t have to worry about preparing anything, the meals were super tasty and filling and I knew that I was getting a healthy, low calorie meal. I tried the Thai Green Curry with Rice and the Moroccan Chicken Cous Cous. They were both really tasty. I’m definitely planning to order some more.

I had the Protein Wafers as a little snack. I tried the strawberry and chocolate flavours. They tasted quite sweet, so they felt like a naughty treat. They were very filling, so I’d break them in half and have one half one day and the other the next.

The Protein Chips were also great for a snack. You get quite a lot in a bag and at only 85kcals, they make a great snack and a perfect way to up my protein intake (11.2g per bag).

I’m really keen to try the Protein Crackers, which smothered with cream cheese and tomatoes will make a perfect lunch.

I’ve also got a couple of meal replacement bars stored away in my handbag. These are perfect for those days when I’m rushing between meetings at work and don’t have time to stop for a proper lunch. These bars are high in protein, fibre and have lots of vitamins and minerals, so even though I’m not have a ‘proper’ meal, I’ll still be getting all the nutrients I need.

I’ve been really impressed with the Exante products and definitely plan on ordering some more. They’re perfect for when you don’t have time to prepare something from scratch (which is quite often with me!).

If you fancy trying some of the products, you can purchase them at Exante’s website.

J x

We were sent Exante products in return for a review. However, I was under no obligation to be nice, so all my comments are completely honest.


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