Safety features to look for in your staycation accommodation

Safety features to look for in your staycation accommodation

In just a few months, lockdown will lift and we’ll have more freedom than we have in a long time. If like many people, you’re desperate for a break, then a staycation is a good option.

When you’re travelling, even within your own country, you want to ensure that your accommodation is safe for you and your family. 

Here are some of the safety features you should be looking out for: 


You want to be sure that your accommodation is designed to prevent fires from breaking out, but also, in the event that one does, there are adequate safety procedures in operation. 

Fire alarms – there should be fire alarms throughout the property, placed in order to detect smoke and alert you at the earliest opportunity. All fire alarms have a self-test button to make sure that they’re working, so give them a quick test after you’ve checked in. 

Fire fighting equipment – in the event that a small fire breaks out in your accommodation, there should be a fire blanket or fire extinguisher available. Even though there are 5 main fire extinguisher types, it is common to have a powder version, as this type of extinguisher can put out most types of fire found in a holiday accommodation setting. You should never tackle a fire that is spreading fast or is too big. 

Clear evacuation plan – in the event of a fire or fire drill, there should be a clear plan of how you exit the property and where you should gather once you exit the property.

In addition to a fire alarm, your property should also have a carbon monoxide detector, which alerts you to any build-up in carbon monoxide from a faulty heating system. There are a number of travel carbon monoxide alarms you can buy, at set up when you get to where you’re going. 


You want peace of mind that you are safe and secure in your accommodation. It should have good quality locks on all the doors and windows. The door should have a chain or deadbolt, so even if someone did have a key, they wouldn’t be able to access the product when you are inside it. 

Emergency contacts

Whether you’re staying at a holiday park, private rented accommodation or an Airbnb, there might be times when you need to contact someone in an emergency. It could be that something has stopped working or there has been damage to the property. Either way, there should be an easy way for you to get in touch with someone when you need to. 


If you’re travelling with small children, you have a whole other set of considerations to take into account when choosing accommodation. Some places are advertised as child friendly and others are less suitable. 

Child safe features include safety gates on the stairs. Window restrictors on upper windows prevent the windows too wide. 

If your property has a hot tub or a pool, then it should either be contained within a secure enclosure, with a gate or a cover to prevent children from falling in. 

A safe place for your valuables

Typically, we take a lot of valuable items on holiday with us. Smartphones, laptops, cameras and cash. Many people think that because they’re on holiday in their own country, that they don’t need travel insurance, but this leaves you at risk if any of your items are stolen. Choose a property that has a safe that you can leave your valuables in when you’re out and about. 

Reception will often be able to hold any valuables for you but that might not be convenient if it is something you need regularly. 

High standards of cleanliness

Now, more than ever, hygiene is important. All accommodation should be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between each stay. Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms, kitchens and linens. All frequently touched surfaces like handles, switches and remote controls are great hiding places for germs that can cause illness. 

Final thoughts

Choosing holiday accommodation can be a juggling act between style, budget and location. You want to be sure that the accommodation you do choose is as safe and secure as it can be for you and your family. 

Any good accommodation provider should have all the relevant information listed on their website for you to research before you book. Be sure to check out as many online reviews as you can find. They will give you an idea of the overall quality of the accommodation as well as raise any red flags about health and safety. 



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