Struggling with Slimming World – weight loss update

Weight loss

For the past four weeks I’ve been following the Slimming World plan and as a result I’ve lost 2lbs. Although you can eat a lot on the plan, I’m just finding that for me it just isn’t working fast enough. I was following it really rigidly too, so the lack of results was really frustrating me!

When I’m trying to lose weight I like to lose at least 1lb every week, otherwise I get discouraged and give up!

With our forthcoming holiday looming, I decided I needed to make a change. My aim is to get to 9st 7lbs before we go away at the end of November. Last week I weighed 9st 11lb. I have therefore decided to go back to using MyFitnessPal, which helped me to shed some weight prior to our summer holiday.


MyFitnessPal is basically calorie counting, but with a handy app. You enter your info and it gives you a suggested set amount of calories you need to stick to. Everyday you then enter everything you eat and it calculates the calories and allows you to track and monitor your calorie intake throughout the day. You can also input any exercise you’ve done so that you can use the calories you’ve burnt if you need to. You can also scan the barcodes of the food you’re eating and add them to your daily tracker. It’s an absolutely brilliant app.!

The best bit about using My FitnessPal is that it really works and I’m delighted to report that I’ve been tracking since Monday and have lost 2lbs! I’m now 9st 9lbs, so only 2 more to go! However, we are heading down to London to visit some friends tomorrow, so this weekend it likely to involve alcohol and a few of meals out! I’ll be happy if I manage to maintain when I weigh myself next Friday.

I’m now feeling much more positive about shifting the weight before our hol. If you’re struggling on Slimming World then I’d suggest giving MyFitnessPal a try.

Have you ever struggled to lose weight with Slimming World?

Jem x



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