Smoothies – the verdict

Smoothies – the verdict

Last week I wrote a post announcing that I was going to get on board the smoothie band wagon and give them a try (check out my ‘Smoothies – do they really work’ post).

Well after having a Deliciously Ella smoothie everyday for breakfast, I’m converted.

Whilst they aren’t miracle workers and some days I was hungry by about 11am, I definitely feel healthier and a little bit smug that I manage to pack away a good amount of fruit and veg before the day even really begins!

So, to sum up here are the reasons why I’ll be making smoothies a regular feature on our breakfast menu:

1. I felt much more positive about the day ahead knowing that my first meal of the day contained a number of my five a day, I had a definite spring in my step as I walked to the train station in the morning – “start as you mean to go on”!

2. The kids loved to get involved in helping me make them, so it’s a fab way to get some lovely quality time with them before I have to head off for work

3. The kids loved having smoothies for breakfast too – there is no other way I’d be able to get them consuming spinach for breakfast so a definite thumbs up

4. I liked the variety of flavours in the recipes I tried – they all tasted different and the Banana, Date and Almond recipe felt like a real treat – perfect for the weekend

5. My skin is looking really good

6. It’s a brilliant way to get lots of nutrients in, in one go – I like convenience!

Henry getting his smoothie fix!

I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks, so I’m not sure if it helped me lose any weight, but at the moment I’m trying to focus on eating healthy nutritious food rather than focusing on the scales (I might take a peek next week though!).

I think the key to smoothie success is having some tasty and easy recipes and I’d really recommend the Deliciously Ella ones. In fact, I’m really tempted to buy the book, so that I can try out some of her other recipes.

If you have any smoothie recipes that you recommend, please share them in the comments section below. If you have the Deliciously Ella book, I’d love to know your thoughts…

J xx


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