Still pondering…

In my last post, we’d just returned from our holiday and I was pondering things, well that continues…

As usual we’ve had a busy few months. We’ve been having a huge extension on our house ( I’m sure I’ve mentioned it) which has been a nightmare – not a great idea when you have toddling twins! Oscar started school, which thankfully he loves. And I ran a half marathon for our friend’s charity, which I actually really enjoyed! It was a huge achievement and one I’m proud of. 
Following the half marathon I’ve joined our local running club. The runs are faster and harder than I’m used to but it feels good to step out of the comfort zone!
As for the pondering, still thinking about what I want to do work wise. Hopefully I’ll figure it out sometime soon..!
We’re off to Disneyland Paris next week, which should be good. I’ve ordered some double reins in case the twins get buggy rage and want to walk and planning on stocking up on lots of tempting snacks (bribes) for the car journey, which hopefully won’t be too horrific! Will let you  know how we get on! 

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