The first time I called 999 (and hopefully the last)!

The first time I called 999 (and hopefully the last)!

Tonight I experienced the scariest couple of minutes of my life.

Henry choked, not just your usual gaging, before it appears again, but properly choked to the point of almost turning blue. It was absolutely horrendous and something I hopefully never have to experience again.

I’d returned home from work to find both twins had a small bowl of sweets. Simon’s mum picks Oscar up from school every Thursday and, as grandparents do, had got Oscar some pick n mix. Oscar had come home to where the twins were with my mum and of course they wanted in on the action too.

I’ve never been a fan of sweets and don’t particularly like the kids to have them, but I’ve learnt to let the odd occasion go.

The twins were pottering around the lounge as usual. Occasionally dipping into their sweets. Henry had come and sat on my knee, when he started crying. Simon’s mum said she thought he’d bit his lip, but my mothers instinct knew it was more than that. He was struggling to get his breath. He spat out a sweet. I thought that would solve it, but no he carried in crying and gasping. I started panicking. I knew there was something else in there that he couldn’t shift.

I’ve recently watched the St John’s Ambulance video about what to do when a child is choking. So I immediately put Henry on the legs with his face towards my feet and whacked him on the back a few times. It didn’t work. Simon’s mum grabbed him and took him into the kitchen. By this point he was going red and bubbling at the mouth. All I could think was “I need to get some help on the way, my baby can not die”. Time was critical and I had to make the call NOW. I picked up my mobile and rang 999, whilst Simon’s mum carried on banging him on the back.

It felt like an age before someone answered, it was probably a couple of seconds, but I completely lost all perspective of time, things seemed to slow down. As soon as someone answered, Simon’s mum shouted “It’s out!”. Thank god!! I explained to the woman at the end of the phone that my little boy was choking but whatever was causing it had come up. She double checked we were ok, I reassured her we were and apologised. Simon’s mum had literally had him upside down whilst whacking him on the back. In moments like that you literally do whatever it takes!

I’m so glad Simon’s mum was there. All I was concerned about was getting help on the way, but at least she could carry on trying to get it out whilst I made the call.

Henry (not to mention me) was a bit shaken afterwards. He’d been sick as he’d coughed up not one but two sweets! After a few minutes he was fine again. Whilst all I could think about was what could’ve happened if we hadn’t got those sweets out. It’s so scary how quickly things like that can happen. It took me a while to calm down, in fact I’m probably still a little bit in shock now, which is why I feel the need to write. Plus, this blog is my way of recording all the memories of my amazing children and it’s important to capture them all – even the horrid ones!

When I look in on my beautiful babies tonight, I will be extra thankful of how blessed we are to have them all.

And, there will be no more sweets in this house!

J xx



  1. Julia Bryson
    6th March 2015 / 9:49 am

    What a scary experience for you! I am so glad it turned out ok and he was able to cough the sweet out. I worry about that too as my eldest likes sweets like that and the little one always wants in! x Julia

  2. jemma
    9th March 2015 / 10:59 am

    It was very scary! No more sweets in this house for a while! x

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