Twins – the things I wished I’d heard when I was pregnant

Twins – the things I wished I’d heard when I was pregnant

The other day I was looking through my blog archives and came across my very first post. It was the day after the scan, which revealed we were expecting twins. I think in terms of key lifetime moments, that one is definitely is top of the list.

I’m not going to lie, my initial reaction was not particularly positive. I burst into tears and thought my life was over. There were a million thoughts buzzing round my head: “how can we afford three children?”; “we can’t fit everyone in the car”; “we haven’t got enough rooms in our house”; “will I be able to go back to work?”; “will we ever be able to go on holiday again?”; “will I have to have a c-section?”; “is my pregnancy going to be full of complications?” “will I ever get my figure back?”; “will we cope?”!
The senographer took the scan thingy off my stomach to give me time to stop shaking. When she put it back on again, I was amazed by what I was actually seeing, and I forgot all practicalities and looked at the two tiny beans floating around. My next question was: “Are they both ok?” and they were. In fact my pregnancy was pretty good and they were evicted at 37 weeks and 5 days.
Throughout my pregnancy I spent so much time worrying about what life with twins would be like. Oscar was 2 at the time, so I knew what dealing with a baby would be like, but two seemed almost impossible. 
So, looking at my first post, I decided to put a list together of all the things I wished someone had said to me when I was pregnant and fretting about what lay ahead:
• You will be fine and you will cope.
• It gets easier – I found the first few months tough but I think that was more due to lack of sleep.
• They will sleep through the night at some point – mine were 4 months old.
• You’ll find away to carry them both down the stairs (I used to worry about random things like this A LOT!)

• However you choose to feed them you’ll manage to find a way to feed them both at the same time.
• When you’re able to, exercise – it will make you feel happier and you’ll be able to keep up with the twins, plus it will help shift the baby weight. I’ve really got into running, it’s my ‘me time’ and helps me to cope with life!
• The special twin moments melt your heart and make it all worthwhile – it gets me every time they kiss, cuddle or hold hands!

• People will think you’re superwoman – some days you really are, be proud of yourself! 
• It’s all about being organised! 
• You will become an expert at multi-tasking! 
• Even after they’ve been here a couple of years, you’ll still have to pinch yourself – I can’t believe I have twins sometimes.

• You’re special – not everyone gets to have twins!
• Not every twin birth is done by c-section – mine were born the usual way and it was fine.

Me during induction!

• You won’t be huge forever – I weigh less then I did before having the twins. My stomach is still a bit wobbly but it’s nowhere near what I thought it would be like
• Don’t stress about having enough bedrooms as they will probably share for a while anyway.
• You will get to go on holiday again (this is where being organised is particularly useful) – our twins aren’t even two yet and we’ve been to Florida, Spain, Portugal and on a cruise.
• If you’re having a tough day try and get out of the house – you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something and having people coo over the twins can’t help but make you smile.
• Finally, enjoy it – they get big so fast, so take lots of pics!

A few hours old!

A recent pic

If your pregnant with twins, I hope the above helps a little. Feel free to get in touch – I love chatting about all things twins!
If you’ve got twins yourself, please feel free to share your (positive) words of wisdom! 
J x


  1. @triplethedad
    5th March 2015 / 6:23 pm

    We shared many of the same worries, especially when we first found out. And then we confronted all the questions when we went out somewhere… "how do you do it," "how do you manage," etc. etc.

    What we told them, and what you seem to have also realized, is you can't return them; you can't put any back on the shelf. You DO it. You don't have a choice. As unique as multiples are, and as difficult as it can be, it also comes with its own unique experiences and wonders and joys, and yes, even sometimes with its own advantages.

    Wouldn't trade it for anything.


  2. jemma
    5th March 2015 / 9:42 pm

    It's amazing what we're capable of when we have to be. Having the twins has made me achieve things I never would have achieved without them e.g. a half marathon. We are very lucky to experience those multiple moments that make your heart melt, like when they hug or hold hands – magic!

  3. Kate Thompson
    6th March 2015 / 8:00 pm

    What gorgeous photos! Our twins, like their older siblings had pretty severe reflux and some other health issues. We could never have peaceful cuddles as they were constantly crying and sick in the early months and I feel so sad about this. Sleep was elusive and by 6 months in my husband and I were on our knees. I wish we could do it again without the reflux, it totally spoilt twin parenting for me 🙁

    • jemma
      9th March 2015 / 10:52 am

      Thank you. Sorry to hear about the reflux. Heidi had mild reflux and that was pretty horrid, so I really feel for you. Hopefully you're managing to enjoy some magical moments now.
      Jemma x

  4. Krista DeLisle
    8th March 2015 / 2:00 am

    I can relate to so much of what you said especially wondering how I was going to cope when they were born. I also struggled with whether or not I was going to have a c-section or a normal birth. I honestly couldn't make up my mind. I didn't like having an "option" on how I was going to give birth. I wanted someone to tell me this is what's going to happen and you have no choice like how it works when you only have one baby. By 36 weeks I made up my mind that since I couldn't decide I was going to let my body decide for me so I went ahead and scheduled my c-section and told myself if I didn't go into labor before that day it would be a normal birth but if I made it to my scheduled day I would have a c-section. There are so many thoughts you have when you find out your pregnant with multiples.

    • jemma
      9th March 2015 / 10:54 am

      I know! I read so many books as I found it quite daunting! I was never really given a choice regarding the birth. My consultant made it clear that if twin 1 was head down then I would be giving birth naturally! I was anxious at the time, but thankfully it all worked out ok and the birth was actually lovely.

      Jemma x

  5. Katie Humphrey
    10th March 2015 / 1:46 pm

    Such lovely photos! Back when I had mine they didn't induce early, I wasn't given the choice of a c-section but I was told that I had no option but to have an epidural just in case I needed one. They were born naturally (induced) the day after their due date. Thanks for linking up to #MultipleMadness

  6. 10th March 2015 / 3:09 pm

    What a lovely post, your photos are beautiful! I can totally relate to this, at our first scan we just laughed nervously when we were told and then she asked if we had any other children, when we said a two year old we laughed some more! I panicked so much over the next few days and had all those random thoughts going through my head but then just thought it was meant to be and I would never change it! xx

  7. jemma
    12th March 2015 / 7:50 am

    Thanks Hayley. I was scared for my whole pregnancy! Obviously I wouldn't change a thing now – twins are ace! x

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