Venturing into the Slimming World

Venturing into the Slimming World

I’ve decided to try out the Slimming World plan and I begin today.

Since having the twins, two years ago, I’ve been really good at losing the weight, exercising and generally eating healthy. I weighed around 9st 8lb (I even managed to get down to 9st 4lb before we went away last May), which is a realistic and maintainable weight for me. I felt fit, healthy and was happy with how I looked in my clothes.

However, over Christmas I put on 6lbs and I still haven’t lost it! In fact this week I’ve even added an extra 2lbs! I find winter really tough and as a result I eat. Lots! I’ve managed to keep up the exercising and try and do something (running or spinning) three times a week, but without eating healthily, it has little impact on my weight.

But, I’ve decided enough is enough! I have a few friends who do Slimming World, so I’ve borrowed the books and I’m starting it today. And I am sticking to it!!

We go to Portugal on 3 April, and I want to weigh 9st 7lbs when I go, so I need to lose 9lbs.

The plan looks pretty simple to follow. Eat as much free food as you like (lean meat, rice, pasta, potatoes, veg and fruit), have one ‘A Healthy Extra’ (milk, cheese, yogurt) and one ‘B Healthy Extra’ (cereals, breads etc) everyday, along with between 5-15 syns.

Today the plan is to have:

Breakfast: banana and orange with fat free yogurt

Snack: Cereal bar (this wasn’t planned but I got hungry!)

Lunch: large jacket with beans and lots of salad

Dinner: homemade burgers, topped with an egg and served with homemade sweet potato fries.

It sounds yummy, but think it will take a while to get in the swing of things as I’ve always followed Weight Watchers, which is basically calorie counting. Slimming World is about food optimising rather than calorie counting and the idea that I can have a jacket potato as a snack if I wanted will take some getting used to.

I think the key will be to prepare ahead. I’ve planned all my meals for the week, ensuring I have everything in stock and I’ve found a great blog with some fab recipes, even one for pancakes that are free that will come in handy for Pancake Day tomorrow.

I going to put an update on here each week to keep you updated. I’m hoping this will help keep me motivated to keep going.

If you have any recipes, hints and tips feel free to share.

Wish me luck!

J x


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