Visiting Santa at Friezeland Farm in Bosworth

Friezeland Farm

Friezeland Farm in Bosworth, is a pick your own Christmas tree farm. Just over a week ago we decided to head there to get our Christmas tree and also pay a visit to Santa.

We originally were planning to spend the day at Center Parcs as we had a one-day visitor pass from a friend who works there. However, the week before our visit Center Parcs had put a hold on guest passes during December, so we weren’t able to go. Unfortunately we’d already told the kids that we were going to Center Parcs for the day, so they were massively disappointed.

Instead we decided to find somewhere else to go for the day. We’d planned on doing our annual Santa visit whilst as Center Parcs, so needed to find an alternative – not easy at a couple of days notice! Most of the places we would’ve chosen to go were already booked up. However, whilst searching around online we came across Friezeland Farm, located in Bosworth, about a 35 minute drive from us.

We decided that we could visit Santa and also pick up a tree whilst we were there.

As we had visited Lapland last year, which you can read about here, I knew that wherever we went this year would struggle to come close. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Santa’s Enchanted Grotto at Friezeland.

Before making our way to visit Santa, the kids spent some time writing their letters and posting them in the post box. We then had a little wander around the festive garden that led to Santa’s Grotto. The kids enjoyed it and it was pretty cute.

Friezeland FarmFriezeland Farm

Whilst waiting in line for Santa the kids wrote messages on the chalk walls, which kept them occupied whilst we queued. When it was our turn I was quite impressed with Santa. Don’t get me wrong, it was no Lapland Santa, but he was chatty and relatively authentic, which is surprising quite difficult to find.

Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm

The kids all got a gift, which were pretty standard gifts. The cost to visit Santa was £10 per child, which I don’t think was too bad.

After we visited Santa, we went into the tree fields to pick our tree, which was really good fun. It had been raining the day before though, so was very muddy. We hadn’t thought about this, so although we all had boots on, if we went again I’d take wellies for the kids as they got very muddy. Heidi, being Heidi, also accidentally on purpose fell into the mud and was in a bit of a mess. Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm Friezeland Farm

Once we’d chosen our tree and someone had chopped it down for us, we headed back to the main area, which is where you collect your tree from. We had about a 10 minute wait for our tree, so we had burgers and hotdogs from the burger van.

Friezeland Farm

We then collected our tree, which they’d netted for us, paid for it (£50 for a 6 ft tree), tied it to the car and headed back to decorate it.

We all had a really lovely and unexpected day. I’ll definitely go to Friezeland Farm for a tree and a visit to Santa again.

Jemma x


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