What items are you missing from your kitchen?

What items are you missing from your kitchen?

Do you enjoy spending time in your kitchen? As long as you love to cook, it’s a great place to be! However, it might be lacking a little right now; we can forget just how many gadgets are out there to make life easier for us, and the kitchen is one of the best rooms for adding in extra convenience! And even though your kitchen is fully functional and easy to clean right now, there could still be a few things missing. Let’s have a quick whip round with the ideas below and see if your kitchen can be improved by their addition. 

Cast Iron Cookware

A cast iron pan or skillet will add a whole new depth of flavour to whatever you cook. Not only do cast iron items last forever, but they’re easy to clean and you just need to add a bit of fat or oil to the surface once you’ve washed it out. Your meals will be tastier, and will even be slightly more nutritious for you, and you won’t waste money on new pans every few months. 

A Place to Sit

If your kitchen has an island in the middle or a window that’s quite spacious, add in a Milking Stool or two and give yourself a place to sit down. Not only will this make cooking a full meal less strenuous on you during the evening, but it’ll help you to spend more time sitting together as a family. It’s simply a nice way to encourage more family time, which is always enjoyable when you’ve got some good food to share. 

Something to Prop Up Cookbooks

How often do you use a recipe book when you’re in the kitchen? Probably all the time! However, you might also be making it hard on yourself by having to constantly move the book around just so you can see it. Which means now’s the time to buy a book stand that can stay at the back of the counter and be seen no matter where you are. Place the book on there and you’ll never need to move it again! 

Somewhere to Throw Your Scraps

Finally, do you have a bin nearby to throw your scraps into? Maybe you like to save them for the compost heap? It’s annoying to have to take scraps back and forth! Well, it’s time to get a roll of compost bags to add to your kitchen cupboard where you use your chopping board. Simply tuck it over the door and shut it again and then scrape all your scraps in there as you go. Empty it out each night into the heap outside and then use it for mulching and fertilising your plants once the summer comes! 

Some items may be missing from your kitchen, and you might be accidentally making your life harder as a result. Make sure you keep the ideas above in mind for a more functional, traffic friendly kitchen to make use of. 


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