Why you should consider adding space to your home instead of moving

Why you should consider adding space to your home instead of moving

There’s no point in moving to an entirely new house when you can build a home extension to create space. Unless your reason for moving is non-negotiable and has everything to do with relocating abroad, expanding your home is the best way to go. A report by propertywire.com indicated that the need for home expansions reached a high point during the UK’s first lockdown. Available data showed that some homeowners had to spend between £16,000 and £67,000 for such extensions. Perhaps you are contemplating whether to relocate or build a home extension. Hopefully, the points below will convince you.

A home extension is less expensive than moving

Admittedly, a home extension will require that you continue to live in a property considered a construction zone. However, that is nothing compared to packing several bags and boxes as part of relocating to a new property. If you’ve ever moved houses before, remember the stress of packing, finding movers, and finally unpacking at the new location. In some situations, you may have used weeks to complete unpacking and setting up the new home.

Why go through all this stress when a home extension cuts that out? More importantly, an extension of your home will cost less than buying another home. It’s an entirely different case if you have more than enough disposable income to afford a second home. However, when you don’t, you will be saving yourself a lot of money by embarking on an extension of the current house.

Furthermore, if additional land space around your property is inadequate, there are other viable options. For example, because spending on loft conversions has increased, you can set up an appointment to have your house evaluated. Loft conversions will solve the problem of not having enough land space to extend your home.

The advantage of extra living space

An extension of your current property automatically offers more space you will find useful. Considering that most UK houses are small with inadequate spaces in the rooms, an extension will be a welcome idea. It is the perfect family solution to ease the tension that usually comes with living in a small house.

Increased property value

A Barclays Mortgage survey showed that most property buyers look for home improvements that improve curb appeal and create space. The report stated that it could add as much as £9,829 to the property value of a house located in the rural UK. Within the bustling city of London, a home extension can raise property value by £15,000. Indeed, this will be an incredible return for you if you ever decide to sell your house. Moreover, real estate appreciates over time. Therefore, you can be sure not to lose out on this great deal.

In conclusion, conduct a careful evaluation of the prospects of a home extension compared to buying a new house. You will realise that there is more to gain than lose with an extension.



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