2018 goals

2018 goals

It’s 2018 – Happy New Year everyone!

I always get reflective at this time of year and like to kick-off the year with a few goals. I won’t call them resolutions, they’re more things I want to work towards and start doing more of. I always think that actually spending a bit of time getting them written downs helps to clarify things and makes me much more focused.

So, here goes – these are my goals/aims for 2018.

Blog at least once a week and be more open and honest

When life gets busy (always!), my blog is one of the first things that drops off and I really don’t want it to be. I’m going to try and set aside a set day each week where I will blog. If I manage to blog more than once a week than that’s obviously a bonus.

I also want to be more open and honest. I only seem to share the good things or make my live seem better than the reality and I think it’s important that we don’t all succumb to the filters that social media seems to have imposed on the world. The reality is that we’re not all always #livingourbestlife 24/7, we’re often just making it through one day at a time.

I got given the fab book ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ by Gill Simms for Christmas and it really made me howl with laughter. It’s a great read and Gill’s candid approach to life with kids made me realise that I am in fact ‘normal’. So, I hope to share more of my normality with you on here. The good days as well as the bad.

Eat well and run more

I try and eat healthy (well at least in the week) as it makes me feel so much better and seems to help me avoid any horrid bugs. I’m aiming to keep this up. I also want to try and run a bit more. I seem to have dropped off the running a bit over Christmas and I want to try and get back to running at least twice a week. I’m also hoping to run at least two 10k races this year.

Be more organised

I say this every year. I’ve got a new diary on order (from the amazing Busy B) and a snazzy new weekly planner for work, so I’m hoping these will help. I’m also going to consider dedicating one evening a week to updating said diary and planning meals (so grown up!).

Stop overthinking and worrying

Sometimes I find it hard to switch off and I also tend to worry a lot. My mind often runs away with me and I find myself worrying about things that haven’t even happened (and probably won’t). I know it’s not productive and makes me stressed, so I’m going to make a really effort to stop. I’m tempted to maybe try the headspace app.

Waste less time on social media

I waste so much time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and generally just being nosey. I want to reduce this and try and read more, so I’m no longer taking my phone to bed with me and I’m going to try and leave it in my when I get home from work and only get it out once the kids are tucked up in bed.

I think that’s it, at least for now anyway. I think they’re all quite realistic/achievable and will hopefully make me a better version for me.

What are your goals for 2018?

J xx



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